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Below are helpful links to heart-centred businesses and resources that I have created,used myself or are from trusted sources. I hope they will help you help you on your journey to defining who you are, what you do, to achieve success--whatever that means for you. 

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Image by Kerry Warnholtz

Image by Kerry Warnholtz


Grow SEO

Jenny Compain, founder of Grow SEO helps business owners bring their web presence alive from the deep dark back pages of search engines to the front listings gaining more visits and enquiries. Jenny has an investigative and honest approach of deeply getting to know her customers and their businesses to help them become visible on search engines and to help them grow.

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Fruitful  Online

Fruitful Online specialises in Video SEO and Video Marketing services.  Founder, Georgie Hope believes that it's one thing to have a great video, however, you need to get eyes on your videos to get new clients.


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Outfox  Marketing

Karen Hartley is a Google Adwords specialist who focuses purely on adwords for her customers. Karen ensures that her energy and focus is not distracted with other forms of internet marketing, allowing her to get an accurate and thorough understanding of her clients and their businesses, thereby creating highly targeted adwords that get results.

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