You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself.
— Seth Godin

Introductory Video [Workshop]

'How to Write Your Own Script+Create Your Own Video'

10th December, 2016 [Completed]

$495 Full Day Workshop

The objective for the participants of the workshop was for us to help them create an Introductory Video to use on their business websites and social media, in order to give clear insight into their businesses, but in a way that revealed not only what they do, but what makes them unique among their competitors and how they solve their clients problems. 

This was achieved using our unique story-telling process, covered in the workshop, and based around asking the question WHY?

The following are two examples of how an introductory video, created using a script with your target market and showcasing what you do uniquely in your industry,  can do to help give your business an impactful kick-start to your journey into video marketing.


Business Type: Website & Video SEO

Website:  Fruitful Online

What Georgie had to say:

"The video workshop was great and informative. Kerry was helpful and supportive. I gained clarity and the ability to write scripts, and felt confident throughout the process. What I learned when it came to shooting a video is to ’Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse’ and to slow down when talking, so that you come across as being more real.."


Business Type: Literacy Educator

Website:  Just Remember

What Carolina had to say:

"Kerry’s workshop was great! It was very informative and she knows her stuff. The biggest thing that I took from her workshop was crafting a story about ‘why’ I do what I do, and really knowing my ‘why’. I also learned about designing and organising my ideas from start to finish and refining my values and mission statement."