Thank you Kerry Warnholtz. The process of working with you was an absolute pleasure. I found that the way you managed the entire process, allowed me to really explore my true messages and meanings. And then you were able to bring that into the images and video, in a way that I could never have imagined.
— Nicole Taryn


Nicole  Taryn


Service: Social Media Marketing Package

Nicole is an inspirational writer and holistic counsellor who wanted to launch her website,, lift her social media profile and wanted to grow her business.

Head shots, Custom Stock images, Video Testimonial and Branding Video were created to meet Nicole's specific requests.


The process we went through was to first find out what Nicole wanted for her site with a phone chat. We then met for a Pre-Production meeting to discuss her objectives, which were centred around developing a look and feel that is congruent with health and wellbeing, and captured the essence of who she is .

Keywords for this project were:

* Real *grounded *professional *casual *nature *authentic *connection

Through a series of questions and interviews with Nicole and her client, we determined the story and a strong theme based around these keywords.

A storyboard was then created to determine what elements were required for Nicole's Branding Video, head shots and custom stock images that were consistent with what Nicole wanted for her website as well as her Facebook page, which is her main social media marketing platform.


 Branding  Video

Head  Shots   &   Custom  Stock  Images


Video  Testimonial