Kerry is a talented photographer and videographer who sees the world through soulful and ever-watchful eyes. I hoped that she might be able to capture some footage and a few stills for my new website. My brief to her was that I wanted her to somehow show the love and care I put into each event that I run, and how precious each of my students is to me – how much I take that teaching and mentoring responsibility into my heart.

Kerry didn’t just capture that – she captured me – a little snapshot into my life, and the struggles I have had in coming to a place of self-acceptance. This short film speaks a lot to my WHY – why I do what I do.
— Nicole Cody

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Nicole Cody


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Head shots, Custom Stock images and a Short Documentary Video were created to update Nicole's website in 2018, (still under construction). You can find her body of work and video currently at

This short documentary video shares a message about acceptance, and tells Nicole's own story about her own struggle with acceptance from others, and her decision to fully step into who she is...a psychic.

Nicole's message centres around the love, energy and detail she puts into her retreats, as well as the support she gives to her clients and students alike. 'Find Your Tribe', shares that message about acceptance and embracing of the differences in ourselves and others.

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Feature  Video - Short  Documentary


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