WE LOVE JEANS, a passion we share with anyone who mourns a worn-out pair like the passing of a close friend. No fabric ages quite as beautifully as denim; the longer you wear your jeans, the more character and attitude they acquire. You shape them with your lifestyle, and they become like a second skin.
— Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans

Recently, I visited the city of Melbourne and stumbled across a scene that piqued my curiousity. I felt compelled to find out a little about the story of Nudie Jeans. What made me do a double-take when walking along Little Collins Street, was coming across a young man who looked to be sewing something.  Now you might not think too much of that. But this man was actually 'in' the very front of the shop window sitting behind an industrial sewing machine, happily sewing away and totally ensconced in what he was doing. I wondered why he would be sewing in full view of every person who walked past. So I felt compelled to walk inside and find out why.

It seems that it's a big statement about the what lies at the heart of the company..."we offer a way of thinking, a concept, and an underlying passion, fueled by the traditions of denim and the characteristics of the fabric itself".  And what better way to honour the 'tradition of denim' than through showing the love and detail that is given to each 'worn out' pair of jeans.

So I get talking to Zach and Wills and find out how passionate they are about denim. Who would have thought?  I'm thinking...these must be the owners. But I was surprised to find they weren't.  They were happy to share some interesting things...

  • Jeans start out as dry denim jeans, and they recommend not to wash your jeans for 6 months, so they'll fade.
  • when you buy a pair of Nudie Jeans, you can have them repaired at any Nudie Jeans shop around the world for free, and for that jeans lifetime!  How else would you treat a good friend?
  • They have a full range of unisex jeans with different cuts to suit all body shapes. There is no one-size-fits-all. But there is one size to fit you.
  • Every member of the Nudie Jeans family goes through a specific training process to educate them about the intricacies of denim; it's life-cycle, and each member must learn how to repair jeans.

And the last thing that really resonated with me,  was that they are not only passionate about how their jeans come about, but also the Story of jeans.

You see...ACCORDING TO 'NUDIE JEANS' every pair of jeans has it's own story. Every mark, tear, rip or worn patch of your TRUSTED DENIM friend, tells a story about where you've been together and the journeys that you've shared.  Why wouldn't you want to preserve those memories?