It’s all well and good to be in pursuit of that thing that gives you juice, but if you don’t have the marketing right, you’re not taking your place in the weave of the universe. Because taking your place in the weave of the universe - part of that is that you’re impacting as many people as possible. That’s one of the things I love about speaker training, because it allows people to have that level of impact.
— Shaune Clarke

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Shaune is an international speaker, million $coach, entreprenuer and President of Big Brand Speaking. Shaune has been successfully delivering wealth-producing workshops for over 10 years, teaching people how to have maximum impact in their own businesses, by helping them discover their own 'Natural Gifts and Effortless Genius' and creating true wealth.



A Marketing Video is in the final stages of completion, and gives a little insight into 'The Architecture of Big Brand Speaking'. It shows how, by following the exact architecture of Big Brand Speaking, coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs can produce untold wealth, as it has for Shaune. This video also gives a peek into what happens behind-the-scenes at Shaune's workshops, as well as a snapshot of his dynamic and evangelistic style and persona, and why he so passionate about helping others on their entrepreneurial journey.

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* Vision *High Energy *Entrepreneurship *Inspired *Wealth  *Authenticity *Leadership * Maverick *Different

Marketing Video COMING SOON!...