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How Our Mothers Can Teach Us to Stand Out from Our Competitors...[Brisbane Video Production]

“What makes things memorable is that they are meaningful, significant, colourful.” 

- Joshua Foer

Just a reminder...Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday. It's an opportunity for us if we can and if we have or had a positive relationship with our mothers, to spend time with them or thinking of them. To remember what they do for us...what they've done for us and how they may have shaped the person we've become. 

What do you remember about your mother? What are those special things that she did for you as a child growing up? Those special things that you still remember as an adult that make you smile. You know those things. Those things where nobody else can compare. 

For example, my mother is an awesome cook!  Nobody makes fried rice like my mother. I've tasted many dishes of fried rice, but nobody cooks it as good. She also makes the best scones in the world, that melt in your mouth.  She is the youngest of twelve children and after her mother died when mum was only a child, she was raised mainly by her oldest sister who was a chef and specialised in chinese cuisine. 

Mum's sister passed on her culinary skills to my mother. At every family gathering ever since I was a child, I remember mum's signature dishes; special fried rice, Chau Kai (deep fried chicken with special herbs and spices), steamed pork dumplings, chinese wonton, and many more.  One of my favourites we called 'Power Soup' (I don't know the chinese name for it) which nobody else would eat except for myself and my mother.  It had pork ribs, tofu, chinese vegetables, Pig Ear Fungus (Wood Ear Mushrooms) and a splash of brandy. Maybe that's how it got it's name.

This is what my mother is renowned for. Nobody else (in my mind) can cook like her. Nobody compares.

What are you renowned for? 

When your customers think of you and your business offerings, what is it that makes you memorable? What do you give that your customers remember you for and keep returning because nobody else can give them that special something?

And when you think about or spend time with your Mother this Sunday, think of all those special things that only she can do that make her dear to you and I hope you feel gratitude.

Have a great week!

Kerry :)


The Return of Artisan Products and What It Means for Your Business...{Brisbane Video Production}

Matthew Evans from  The Gourmet Farmer . Image Credit:

Matthew Evans from The Gourmet Farmer. Image Credit:

“Craftsmanship names an enduring, basic human impulse, the desire to do a job well for its own sake.” 

– Richard Sennett, The Craftsman

In my last post I talked about what customers really and truly want…meaningful connection. And that the current ‘slow living’ movement was indicative of what people crave in this modern, fast-paced world: to slow down; to savour each moment, and to be present to our feelings, thoughts, surroundings, experiences and most importantly, to our family and friends. To once again deeply value our relationships which bring us more purpose and joy to our lives.

I also offered some suggestions about how we as business owners can begin to create and give our customers more meaningful connection.

In the evolution of this shift, I’m witnessing a return to artisan products and businesses. And as customers we’re hopping on board the artisan train in droves. Why is that you may wonder?

I believe it’s all part of the return to what it is to be more human. To be more attuned to our senses. We have become so desensitised to our feelings and emotions, that we’ve lost the awareness, and hence our feeling of connectedness.

In talking about the return to artisan trades, it brings to mind an Australian documentary TV series on ABC that I love called ‘The Gourmet Farmer’. If you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend it. The series is about a Melbourne chef turned food critic, Matthew Evans who leaves his job to become a farmer in Tasmania, raising pigs and sheep, milking cows and raising farm animals in a humane, eco-sustainable way, as well as growing produce, with the aim of  influencing and improving  the quality of the food that he, his family and the wider community eat. It becomes more about the journey and the process, rather than the end result. Though that still holds great significance.

We get to watch his progression and how through choosing a life of slow living, he creates a life (albeit challenging at times) that sees him grow as a person; his family grow and thrive, and how his deepening relationship with the animals, produce, and the land, better inform his way of life, creating deep relationships that take him on many adventures.

The series is a poster-boy for the slow living movement and the return of artisan businesses.

For many of us, that way of life which embues slow living, is what we dream of as a way of restoring the meaningful connection we’re longing for.

And in that whole artisan movement,  it’s about valuing the unique perspective, talents and abilities that an individual brings to the world. As customers and consumers, we are drawn to the uniqueness and the bespoke ways of the person we do business with…with someone who has taken the time to get to know his craft.

But more importantly, someone who has taken the time to get to know us and understand who we are and what is it about what he or she does that resonates with us. His process has allowed for that awareness. And we seek that out.

It’s this combination of wanting something truly unique, coupled with the human need and want for connection that our customers are wanting.

This week, if you get some time, why not catch an episode of ‘The Gourmet Farmer’ or Matthew Evans’ new series already released, ‘Fat Pig Farm’ where he opens a restaurant, celebrating home-cooked food that’s delivered from paddock to plate, all from his farm in Hobart.  So sit back and enjoy and savour the moments and while you’re watching, think about ways that you can create that sense of meaningful connection in your business.

Have a great week!

Much love...Kerry :) x

What Your Customers REALLY Want--Are You Giving It?...[Brisbane Video Production]

Photo by  Kym Ellis  on  Unsplash   

Photo by Kym Ellis on Unsplash

“Get closer to your customers. So close in fact, that you tell them what they need well before they realise it themselves.” – Steve Jobs

Welcome to 2018 and my first blog post for the year!

Yes, I realise that it is well and truly 2018 and we’re in February already, but I’ve been busy looking at what I can provide for my customers this year that’s of real value and what will help you grow in your own growth and the growth of your businesses.
Oh…and please feel free to share what you think will help you, because I’d like to give you stuff that’s relevant, and maybe even a little inspirational. And there’s heaps of new stuff I want to share with you this year to help your business grow when it comes to video and social media marketing!

This month I wanted to talk about what customers really want.  I mean, really, truly want…deep down.  And I think I’ve figured it out.

You know how I know?  Because it’s what I want.  I’m the ultimate customer, and so are you!

So what do customers REALLY, TRULY, DEEPLY want?....CONNECTION

Simple isn’t it? But is it?  How do you give them that? 

In the world of business and marketing, there is so much talk about it; but they are mostly empty words and promises that fail to satisfy. So how can you provide that connection so that you not only attract the kind of people you want to do business with, but in a way that sees them coming back again and again, because you give them that connection that someone else isn’t?

SLOW LIVING…yep…you heard me… SLOW LIVING. 

We can give our customers what they want by understanding the principles of Slow Living and how by applying the same principles in our businesses, we can give them not only connection, but meaningful connection.

So what is Slow Living? It’s a way of living and being where the pace of our lives slows down long enough to be present to the people we engage with, so that we form deeper and more meaningful connections with them.

Let’s face it, when we don’t have our business face on, and we think about what really matters, it all comes down to the people (and animals) we love and how deeply we form connections with them. And not just connections with our immediate family and friends, but with people that we come across each day…strangers and friends alike, and in our wider community.  

It’s how they make us feel when we are with them; how we make them feel, and how they reinforce in us our sense of purpose and identity that is important.  With all of that brings a deep sense of joy.

As Norwegian philosopher, Guttam Floistad observes,

"The only thing for certain is that everything changes. The rate of change increases. If you want to hang on you better speed up. That is the message of today. It could however be useful to remind everyone that our basic needs never change. The need to be seen and appreciated! It is the need to belong. The need for nearness and care, and for a little love! This is given only through slowness in human relations. In order to master changes, we have to recover slowness, reflection and togetherness. There we will find real renewal."

It begs repeating, “It could however be useful to remind everyone that our basic needs never change. The need to be seen and appreciated! It is the need to belong. The need for nearness and care, and for a little love!”

So this week, take some time to sit down and think of ways that you can be more present to your customers… to connect with them, and to show that you see and appreciate them.  What ways can you show them that you care?  Remembering of course, it must be done in a way that is authentically you.

Here are some suggestions on where to start…

  • Talk to your customers (suppliers, collaborators), whether on the phone or catch up with them face-to-face for a coffee with no other intention than to say hallo and to chat.
  • Write them a letter or send a card telling them how much you appreciate them.
  • Thank them.
  • Compliment them or tell them when you think kindly of them.
  • Tell them about their strengths and how they inspire you.
  • Listen.
  • Take an interest in them and their lives by asking about them.
  • Take the time to find out what they want, and what they like about your product and/or services and what keeps them coming back, and then give them more, and give it to your new to customers too.

It seems so simplistic doesn’t it? But it really can make ‘the’ difference in your business. It’s harder to get customers today. The business environment is so competitive. But what I’m observing in businesses that are flourishing, as well as in my own business, is that those who are taking the time to get to know their customers and the network of people they come into contact with; those who are taking the time to  develop relationships, are getting more of the customers they want. And, their customers are coming back and referring others.

It’s returning to the old fashioned way of doing business you might say, but embracing the tools of today. And in today’s dog-eat-dog world, it’s proving to be even more relevant and necessary than ever before when it comes to business success and longevity.

So let us know how you go, and feel free to share your thoughts and experiences about doing business in the ‘slow lane’.

Have a great week!

Much love...Kerry :) x

Why Do You Want to Use Video?--and How You Can!...[Brisbane Video Production]

Image by  Sam McGee

Image by Sam McGee

"My methodology is not knowing what I'm doing and making that work for me."

 ~ Stone Gossard

The overwhelming response from business owners when it comes to using video is positive and they can see the real benefits of video and how others are using it to market and get more leads and sales. But for most business owners the truth is, they often can't see the relevance of video for their own particular businesses. They find it difficult to see how it fits in with how they run their businesses, and how to use video in a way that can benefit them and their customers. So today I'm going to give you a process to help you define the many and varied ways that video can help you specifically to promote, engage, uplift, educate and inspire your customers and your staff (if you have any). There is no one-size-fits-all approach, when it comes to video. It just takes putting time aside to focus on the answers that are right for you, and a little imagination.


So let's start at the beginning. Start with these three questions:

  1. What is My OBJECTIVE?
  2. What PLATFORM do I want to deliver on?
  3. What FORMAT will I use?

1. What is My OBJECTIVE? What is the objective of creating a video?  Just start with one first.  So ask yourself "what do you want your audience to do?"  Do you want to?:

  • General leads and/or direct sales of products or services.
  • Create brand awareness
  • Inform or educate your customers for staff
  • Promote a course, event or an online program
  • Grow your audience and/or community.

Let's expand on a these points a little. The most common type of video that we see is business is a corporate style video with a specific objective - to sell a product or service. This is probably the one that every business owner can relate to because it is the most common form of video, i.e. "Here is what I sell or this is the service I provide, come and buy from me."

But this isn't the only way to sell products and services. You can still sell, but use different approaches, rather than a 'direct selling approach'. It all really depends on the type of business that you are in, your objective, and who your audience is. You can still sell products and services, but in a way that is more engaging and gains the trust of your audience first, and so you may sell over time. However, if and when you do create a video to sell a product or service, your 'call-to-action' in your video is critical. You want to ensure it directs people to buy straight away and how to quickly find what it is that you're selling.

If you want people to know who you are and what you're about, and you have a strong message that you want put out into the world, you can use videos that create brand awareness. This is more about getting your business name and your brand in front of your target audience, regularly and consistently so that they get to know and recognise you. The objective when it comes to brand awareness is to build recognition, trust and credibility so that when your potential customers are ready to buy from you, you are at the forefront of their minds, rather than asking them to buy something from you straight away.

Brand awareness videos can be where you talk about specific subject areas that you're an expert on, or it could be a straight promotional video that relays a bit about your history, what you do and why. And really powerful brand awareness videos that larger companies are beginning to embrace are narrative style, brand story and origin story videos, because audiences are now wanting to know more about how businesses come about and what they stand for. They want to feel a deeper sense of connection with the brands they're engaging with. 

If your objective is to inform and/or educate your customers, then consider creating a 'How-To' video, that gives specific instructions taking your audience from Point A to Point B. Or it could be in the form of a Training Program video for your staff. Perhaps you could create a video that describes and takes your customers through a 'process' to solve a recurrent problem or question; put something together like a piece of furniture; show them how to use a piece of equipment; take them through a step-by-step guide on backing up their computer, etc, etc. The possibilities are endless when you want to help inform and educate.

Do you want to promote a course, event or an offline or online program that you're running? Before you do, work out how you can use video to reach your audience with more impact and deliver a strong message that inspires your audience to sign up or participate. Videos can be used along all stages of the marketing and promotional process for your course, event or program. It can be also used within course or online program content as well, as a teaching tool. 

To grow your audience and/or community so that you have actual customers to sell to, consider creating a weekly Vlog (video blog). This can often be extrapolated from a blog post that you've written. Choose just one subject or topic in your post and expand upon it in a video blog. You can create a weekly FB live or Linkedin video to again discuss relevant topics of the week or answer questions or challenges posed by customers and your community/audience. Customer video testimonials are great for growing your audience and/or community, because its' objective is about building trust.  Keeping in mind that growing your audience is about relationship and trust-building. Sometimes people just want to know stuff and get information without being sold to constantly. So in this case it's not about getting the sale (not directly anyway). 

2. What PLATFORM do I want to deliver on?

Once you have a clear idea of the objective for your video, then consider what platform your video will be delivered on. So you need to ask yourself, "Where does my audience hang out?"

Does your audience hang out on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, or can they find you directly via your Website if it's well optimised? The reason you need to take into consideration where your audience hang out, is because this has a major bearing on type of video that's going to appeal and their attention-span. The more intimately you know your audience, the better you will be at creating video content that speaks directly to the customers you really want to attract and who are more likely to buy from you (whether that comes to a product or a service). Say for example if you want to create a video for Facebook and Linkedin. You may want to create videos with a different approach in mind, as your audience are mostly on facebook for social reasons and for Linkedin, you may want to create videos that are more educational and inspirational in their delivery. If you have an audience that already has a heavily vested interest and it's a unique or niche area, or you've built an audience, then this is where you can be more flexible with the style of video and also the length, because you're audience already knows and trusts you and you know they're already interested.  So, consider where your audience hang out, and why they are there when working out what approach will work best for that given scenario.

3. What FORMAT will I use?

What I mean by format is, "What will my video look like?". Ask yourself:

  • Will it be a DIY or a professional video company that creates my video? 
  • Will it go for 30 seconds or 5 mins or longer?
  • Will it be a promo, explainer, music, intro, narrative style video?
  • What overall style and feel do I want? Is your business more corporate style where you're a business or medical professional, accountant, lawyer, etc or is your business a trade or service in the areas of fashion, retail, health and wellbeing, artistic, etc, etc. Because your industry will be a major determinant of the look and feel of your videos, marketing and overall branding.

In answer these questions thoroughly and to work out what is the right approach for you when it comes to video, you should firstly take into consideration your business and/or the industry you're in, and your target audience. What is going to appeal to your audience? But also remembering your objective and the platform on which your video is going to be seen. For example, if you're creating videos to grow and build your audience and build relationships, then DIY videos in the form of FB live, Linkedin, instagram, etc,  are quite acceptable and very popular, especially when the objective is to engage, interact with and create dialogue on a regular basis. And depending on your business, weekly vlogs created as DIY are also now alot more mainstream, as people are wanting more connection and authenticity in their dealings with businesses. They want to know the person or the people behind the business.

But if you're wanting a video to create brand awareness or purely promotional video and the industry and size of your company creates the expectation that a more professional approach to video is required, then you may have to go down that line. It's then a matter of finding the right company to create the video. But be sure to look for a company that can deliver something that is in alignment with your business brand and desired objectives. 

And most importantly, ensure that you have good communication between you and the company you use to create your video. It should be a collaborative arrangement to ensure that you're both on the same page, and that they understand exactly what you want, so that you get the desired outcome.

I hope these questions and examples have helped you see that whatever your business, that video can play a significant role in delivering the message or messages that you want to uniquely convey to your target audience. And if you're having difficulty working out what may work best for you or how you can use video in your business, then please give me a call, book a skype session or let's just have a coffee so that I can get to know your business a little better and offer suggestions.I may not always have the answers, and in fact, if I feel we are not a good fit, I will point you in the right direction.

Have a great week!

Kerry :) x

DIY Video Workshop



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DIY Video Creation Challenges + Workshop..[DIY Video Brisbane}

"The DIEM aint' gonna CARPE itself!" 

- ApeLad

This week I'll be off for a whole week on a holiday. It's school holidays time and we're off to the beach, camping! 

So before I leave, I thought I'd talk to you on the above video about our 2 DAY DIY VIDEO WORKSHOP coming up on the 3rd and 4th November, 2017 and to remind you that our SPRING SUPER EARLY BIRD OFFER of 20% OFF FULL TICKET PRICE, ENDS THIS MONDAY 18TH SEPTEMBER!  It's a huge saving to be had and I wouldn't want you to miss out on getting your ticket at this great price. Also in my video I recap on the two biggest challenges that business owners face when creating video, as well as other challenges that I get many comments about.

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But just to touch again on what you'll learn in this PRACTICAL, HANDS-ON 2 DAY WORKSHOP here it is:

>> WHAT VIDEO TYPES ARE BETTER SUITED FOR YOUR BUSINESS and when to use them, including Facebook Live & Linkedin Native Video, vlogs, interviews, training and educational videos, explainer videos, and more.
>> What EQUIPMENT you need to get started in video THAT WON'T BREAK THE BANK! You need less than what you think.
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Also, as part of the CAMERA CONFIDENCE segment, I'm thrilled to be having along GUEST PRESENTER, Simone de Haas of 'The Speakers' Director', full-time professional speaker and speaker coach. On Day 1 of the workshop, Simone will be focusing on the ACT of speaking with confidence – simple tools for delivering with authenticity and credibility. Simone will also help you identify your preferred vocal style, and how you can best utilise this to generate trust, influence your audience and create greater visibility for you and your business.

Simone Sig Block.jpg

I hope to see you there! This is a great opportunity for you to gain the skills and confidence to create your own videos, so you can give 2018 a great kick-start!

And remember to share this post with someone else in business, who wants to learn how to create their own videos on their mobile phone!

See you in couple of weeks!

Kerry :) x

*P.S. If you have any questions about the workshop, feel free to call me on 0488 723 673 or email me at I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Why You Need Storytelling & Where Can You Find Your Stories?...[Video Production Brisbane]

"Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued." 

- Brene Brown

Beth Comstock (Marketing & Innovation, GE) says in the above video, "Behind every person...behind every company...behind every thing, there's a story of how it got there, and the most relevant stories connect on a personal level."

In today's competitive market, every business is fighting for to be heard. I don't know about you, but I find the tsunami of information through social media and emails so overwhelming some days, it all becomes a blur and I can end up feeling numb. It's hard to know where to begin and what to pay attention to. Like every other business person, my time is limited, so what little time I do have when I'm searching for information, a product or service, has to be used wisely and it has to be super-focused. It also means that the businesses who are vying for my time, also not only have to be super-focused in their messaging, but their message has to really grab my attention long enough for me to want to listen.

So why do you need storytelling? 

 "Today it's not so much about market-share, it's all about 'Mind Share'. We have to get into the minds of our audience and our target customers." - Beth Comstock

And what better way to get into the minds of your audience, than with good storytelling? Storytelling is an art. You can't just tell any story and expect to mesmerise your audience and turn them into raving customers. It has to be a story that's strongly told, and most of  has to be relevant! So how to do you tell a relevant story? You have to find all the possibilities - the stories that are there waiting to be told. You'd be surprised where these stories are hiding. But you don't have to look very far. The first and easiest place to look is in your own backyard--your personal or company story, and/or the story of how your business got to where it is now. Why was your business incepted in the first place? What was the desire behind it's inception? What are you doing right now in your business that's relevant and people want to know more about because it will solve a problem or make their lives better?

You can find other stories within the framework of your employees or your customers. You don't have to dig too deep to find them. But in order to find them, it requires that you connect with people first. Unless people trust you, they're not going to be so open to sharing their stories. But if you have good rapport with your staff (if you have staff) and with your customers, you'll find that you've probably uknowningly uncovered their stories, but you just haven't acknowledged their presence or relevance yet. So stop and look at all the possibilities of where stories can be uncovered and then developed. 

Once you've found your stories and uncovered all the details, it's a matter of then cutting through that detail to find if and what's relevant. It's not only about what's relevant to your target customer, but it must be relevant to your objectives and the product and/or service that you want to focus on. So you then need to simplify. Get it down to the bare bones--the basic outline which holds the key messages and purpose of why you're telling that particular story. If you don't, your message will be lost and it will confuse your audience and they'll switch off.

 "Simplify--how are you memorable when you have complicated things to talk about?"   - Beth Comstock

Beth says so insightfully, businesses tend to get stuck in the "logical, mathematical, financial dealings", when in reality if you truly want to connect with your customer, you have to be about the story--the story that's relevant to them. The story that taps into their emotion in a way that they're no longer focused on you selling them on your product, idea or service--but the story that has them so focused on your message because they relate so strongly, they're now deeply engaged and they're listening as though they're hearing you for the first time.

So start taking a magnifying glass to your business and the people you connect with on a regular basis, to start finding stories of relevance. And then, start sharing your stories. You'll be surprised at how much interest you'll create, and the exponential results you'll gain from your prospective customers, who you can then turn into long-term, raving customers who keep bringing you more and more business. 

And if you're not too sure how to use story in your business marketing, then call me on 0488 723 673 or email me at for a quick chat. Sometimes it just takes someone standing outside of your circle to see your business with clear and fresh eyes.

Ciao for now...

Kerry :) x



6 Simple Types of Video to Showcase Your Business--VLOGS...[Video Production Brisbane]

Behind-the-scenes snap I took while filming vlog content for Studio 55, graphic design studio.

Behind-the-scenes snap I took while filming vlog content for Studio 55, graphic design studio.

"Content marketing is the only marketing left."

- Seth Godin

This week is the last instalment of '6 Simple Types of Video to Showcase your Business', and we're going to look at the most effective form of content marketing out there...VLOGS. 

What is a vlog? It's a cross between the traditional written BLOG and VIDEO.  So it's a blog in video format, in the most simple terms.

It's also one of the easiest types of video to create and the most effective form of content marketing out there.  Why, you may ask?  Because a vlog is REPETITIVE in its' ability to garner attention, with the key being the CONSISTENCY and REGULARITY of scheduling. Unlike blogs, vlogs give your audience an instant impression of who you are and what you stand for and because of the consistency of showing up, they get to know, like and follow you. Just ensure that  YOUR CONTENT IS INTERESTING AND ENGAGING and inspires them to keep turning up and watching. 

If you want to build a 'list', 'following' or 'community' of people who love what you do and resonate with what you say, then vlogs are unparalleled in being able to deeply and consistently engage your audience. It's all about building a relationship with people who over time come to know and trust you. Vlogs are also a great tool to boost credibility and lift your profile and establish you as someone who is knowledgeable in your field of expertise.

To start creating your own vlog, as I advise all my clients, use the K.I.S.S principle. Just start, and start simply (vlogs are easy to create on your mobile phone or you can pay someone to do it for you). You're not going to get it perfect the first or second time. In fact, you might just suck at it when  you start and you'll make mistakes. But that's okay. And that's not important. The important thing is starting and sticking with it. Each time you go out there you learn something--you get better--you feel more confident--you begin adding to your skills and repetoire of what's possible until you've built something solid.  And apart from that, if you feel you have something important to share and give to others, and they want what you have to offer, then that becomes more important than getting it perfect and never starting at all. 

The best place to start looking at examples of Vlogs is in on Youtube. Look for someone in your area of expertise or at someone you like and check out their vlogs. One of the most famous vloggers is Gary Vaynerchuk. He can teach you a thing or two about what to do and what not to do. But just a word of warning--take the information and see how you can use that to suit you. Don't try to copy someone else. It won't work. Look for someone who you resonate with as an example and model yourself after them if you like, as a way to get started. But always be authentic and create something that is uniquely you and gives your audience something of value that only you can offer. 

If you haven't already got one, create a Youtube Channel for your vlog.  Not only is it free, it's essential to optimising keywords when it comes to search engine ranking. It's also flexible and easy-to-use and share, especially from mobile devices. 

And lastly, here's a great website I found to help you get a vlog started. It's called Vlog Nation, and it has stacks of information about vlogging including 'How to Start a Vlog''How to Build a Relationship with Your Audience', and other really useful and cool tips about vlogging. Even though the information is about vlogging on Youtube, it's applicable to any vlog, regardless of the platform.  But honestly, Youtube is the place to be...oh and did I say that IT'S FREE?

So I hope you found this last instalment useful.  Now go out there and spread your message (and the message is also for me too--I'll be creating my own Vlogs in the near future and following my own advice very soon). ;)

If after reading this you're still not too sure how to use video in your business marketing, then why not book a time for a 20 minute Discovery Session via phone or skype to discuss your particular business and how video can help it grow, on 0488 723 673 or email me at

Ciao for now...

Kerry :) x

What is Authenticity and How Do You Create That In Your Business?...[Video Production Brisbane]

Image Credit: &nbsp;

Image Credit:

"Authenticity requires a certain measure of vulnerability, transparency, and integrity."

 ~ Janet Louise Stephenson

Today I'm going to take a detour from '6 Simple Types of Video to Showcase Your Business', to talk about something that's been popping up a bit lately. Just in general life, and interactions with clients as well as what's been floating around in the big and often overwhelming world of business and marketing...AUTHENTICITY.

This word just keeps jumping out at me and like many other words, it's being used more and more. I'm seeing this word used generously in marketing, and I myself use this word in my own marketing.  But it's one of those words that gets bandied about so often and we see it used over and over again as the latest 'fad' in marketing, that it loses it's ability to shine and to offer us the depth and significance that the word truly implies. But that observation doesn't discount the fact that we need to be looking at authenticity as part of our own personal and business development.  And how if we want truly want to grow our businesses,  we need to ensure that AUTHENTICITY forms an important part of our core values - business, as well as personal.

So what is 'Authenticity' and how do you create an atmosphere of authenticity in your own business? 

The definition of Authentic according to Miriam-Webster dictionary, is "True to one's own personal, spirit or character - sincere and authentic with no pretensions", and "not false or imitation: real, actual". So as much we need to be talking about that in our marketing, we also need to ensure that what we do speaks louder than what we say.  I'll repeat that...we need to ensure that what we DO speaks louder than what we SAY.

I think it takes a certain amount of courage to be authentic. How often is it, that when you engage with your customers, regardless of how good your relationship is, you can sometimes experience challenges, doubts, and uncertainties during your dealings with them?  These are moments when your courage to be authentic, both as you genuinely consider the needs of your customers and also your need to bring value to your business, can be truly tested. But having the courage to do so also provides the opportunity to build a stronger relationship and set that all important foundation of trust.  Because without trust, we can't progress our businesses. And as we know, trust is hard to establish, but so easy to lose.

Authenticity is also not just about what we do and say, but it comes through in the visual messages that our customers see across all our platforms. Have a look at your visuals...the images, the colours you use...the style of fonts, and how you bring all these elements together.  Is there are commonality? Do they have a similar look and feel? What about your photos? Your head shots (if you have any), your stock photos and graphics - do they imply a certain message? What do they stand for and does what they stand for align with your core values and reflect your personal and or business brand?  

If your words speak corporate and professional, but your visuals and behaviours smack of anything but, you're going to lose the trust of the people you're wanting to attract, because there will be a mismatch between the message you're implying and the actual message that's being received. This then comes across as being 'false' and people get a feeling of something not being quite right.

I believe that authenticity requires a high level of integrity, which is doing the right thing, regardless of the status quo and what others think is the right thing for you to do.  I also think integrity is having a deep sense of responsibility and genuine care for others. It's about thinking of not just what is going to be in alignment with our own values, but what is going to ensure that our customer's needs and wants are being considered and that we also place value on that too.

But mostly, I think authenticity is about understanding what makes us uniquely qualified to offer something of value, and conveying a consistent and strong message, so that we then attract to our businesses other people who possess those same core values of transparency, integrity and trust.

So this week, think about the messages that you're putting out in your business, whether that be in person, online or otherwise. Do those messages convey authenticity? Do they reflect your unique offerings and are they aligned with your core values? Because there's always time and opportunity to work towards this in order to gain and build trust with your customers.

And if you're like to read a little more about authenticity in marketing, I found this great little article to help you called 'Why Authenticity in Marketing Matters Now More Than Ever'.

Next week we'll continue with the series '6 Simple Types of Video to Showcase Your Business'  where we take a look at WHITEBOARD VIDEOS to create interest!

Ciao for now...

Kerry :) x

6 Simple Types of Video to Showcase your Business--TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS...[Brisbane Video Production]

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." 

- Albert Einstein

In this great article on '20 Impactful Statistics About Using Testimonials in Marketing', l want to draw your attention to Statistics #14 #16 and #20.

#14:  85% of consumers said they read up to 10 reviews before feeling they can trust a business.
#16:  39% of consumers said they read reviews on a regular basis to determine whether a local business is a good business. 
#20:  88% of people trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts.

Now if the above statistics are just for 'written reviews', you have to ask yourself how much more of an impact can a video testimonial make and increase these percentages?  You see, video marketing alone has the potential to create deeper engagement with your customers, creating trust and connection, therefore leading to sales. And I say 'potential', because not all videos are made the same. We can't expect to throw any video up and think that it will instantly bring us amazing results. Like any form of marketing, we still need to ensure that our video marketing is well thought out, and that we understand our objectives in using video as part of our overall marketing strategy.

So today, apart from bringing to your attention to the importance of, and how much of a difference that video testimonials can make, I'd also like to make you aware that your approach to what a testimonial video looks like can differ. The type will depend on your objective and the message you're wanting to convey.

If you watch the above video, you'll get an idea of what I mean. The video uses a slightly different approach. This client testimonial video I created back when I was solely doing photography in my business. And in this video, what my beautiful customer Paula, is doing, is relaying her experience of having a 'Day-in-the-Life' Family Photography it's all about the experience...not me or the product, but what in the end, the product or service brought her and her family in the way of experiences to cement their memories, and what was most significant to her. 

Having video testimonials of your customers telling the world about their great experience using your service or product is one of the most powerful forms of video you can include as part of your arsenal.

The easiest place to begin with testimonials, is with a happy client, and just after they've used your services and have expressed their satisfaction. So when your customers share their great experiences with you, why not take that opportunity to ask them whether they would consider doing a video testimonial for you. And make it as easy as possible for them. If you're talking with them in person or you happen to be there if you're delivering a product or service, you could video a testimonial using your mobile phone. At the very least, you could video them with just your phone or even on your laptop. Or if you're prepared, take along a mobile phone tripod and bracket and a lapel microphone so you can easily and professionally create a 30 sec-1 min testimonial video. And if you want to make it more engaging, plan out the questions to ask your customer or ask them if they could give feedback on or around specific topics, in order to get the desired information you want your audience to know.  It's about putting people at ease and asking the right questions to elicit the best response.  

Here are some questions you could ask for or information you could use for your customer testimonials:

  • Ask your customers to say their name, and if it's another business, what that business is and what they do. If they're an individual, just there name and any information that might be relevant to provide context.
  • Ask them to state why they used your products or services--what was their reason in the first place for using your services (they may have had a bad experience some where else).
  • What was your overall experience using our product or service?
  • How happy were you with our customer service?
  • Was there any particular thing that really stood out for you or made a positive difference for  you? 
  • What do you think makes this business different? 
  • How did you find (insert owner or employee)? How would you describe them/him/her?
  • Would you recommend (person or business name) to your friends, family or colleagues?

There are all types of questions you could ask. What you need to remember is to ask questions that elicit a specific response that you want your audience to hear. Because when you ask a question, most people will use the same or similar words in their response, so really think about the kind of words you want  your customer to use in their response.

Click on the above image for a video testimonial that I gave for Moana from 'B Styled for Life'. In this example,
Moana has used her laptop to record this video with no additional microphones or lighting (I did make sure
I faced towards the window light though).

The reason why customer testimonials are so impactful, as in the above article states, people trust what others have to say about your business, rather than you saying it. When a recommendation comes from someone who has already used your services, it instantly allows your audience to gain trust. "If somebody else has used them before, then they must be good and I'm not going to get a raw deal and I'm going to be treated with respect, and get great service."  Testimonials are a way that your potential customers 'qualify' you or your business before they spend their hard-earned dollars.

The other option is to commission a video production company to create a professional video testimonial that will not only have high quality sound and video, but they should be able to help you plan around what questions to ask to get the desired answers. Professionally created videos also allow you to add in more bells and whistles, such as your logo, either as a static logo or animated, text, background music and also you could add in custom photos that highlight your business and the specific product or service your customer may be talking about in your video.  So this way, it's a more comprehensive customer testimonial with a polished finish.

What I've done today, is to show you an example of two customer testimonials that aren't created by a professional video company. These have been created with what the business owner had on hand (the only addition is that the end result was achieved using post-processing sofward to create a more professional appearance). It's to show you that to get started in video, you can start simple and work your way up, if that's all that is currently in your budget to do.

Well I hope this post has stimulated some more ideas for you if you are considering video marketing for your business. And remember to look out for next week's post where we'll be talking about how you can effectively use INTERVIEWS to showcase your business!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or email me at and I'll be happy to help!

Ciao for now...

Kerry :) x


6 Simple Types of Video to Showcase Your Business: Type 1...[Brisbane Video Production}

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one."

~ Mark Twain

When you think of business video and video marketing, what comes to mind for you?  Do you think of TV commercials for big business or gimmicky videos of businesses wanting to flog their wares with loud owners with annoying voices doing silly things, trying to get your attention in any way they can? You might think that video is only for big business and that in order to garner the attention of your customers you have to do something silly...something that isn't you. Well I'm here to tell you that you don't!  

In fact, you only need to do what's right for you and your business and what's going to have the most impact on your target audience and customers.  It has to be something that speaks to them and their demographic and it should bring you qualified leads of customers who genuinely want what you have to offer. The more personal it is and the more your offering resonates with your customers, then the better chance that your video marketing is going to work and start bringing you business.

But where do you start?  There are so many types of video and ones that work well for small business. How do you choose?

Over the next number of weeks, I want to share with you just SIX TYPES OF VIDEO that you can start using in your video marketing right now. Some of them are very simple, easy and affordable to get up and going quickly. Others take a little bit more time and you may need a slightly larger budget. But all-in-all, these are a great place to start and are still affordable for small to medium sized businesses . Of course, there are more than six types, but I've chosen the ones which I think may be easier to get off the ground. You'll also find, that depending on your type of business or industry and also your objectives, some types of video will suit your business better than others.

This week I wanted to talk to you about one of the easiest type of video to get started on your video marketing journey... THE INTRODUCTORY VIDEO. The introductory video is just as it introduction of you and/or your business; what your business is or does and most importantly, how your business solves the problems of your customers.

Most introductory videos appear on the 'About' or 'Bio' page of their website, but statistically, to get the highest conversion, an introductory video is best placed on your home page. They are a great way for your potential customers not only to get a good idea of how you can help them, but can be critical in helping them decide if they want to do business with you through an impression they form from seeing and hearing you speak. Often this impression is formed in their subconscious, and it can be one of the most powerful ways to build instant trust and connection with them.  And when comparing your business with another, if one business has a video and the competing business doesn't, potential customers will often go with the business that has video because it forms the strongest impression by engaging the senses, evoking emotion and inviting your customers to take action.

So how can you create an introductory video? The most common type of intro video is one where you or an employee feature in the video, speaking about the business.  And there are basically two ways to go about it. Firstly, you can create an introductory video yourself (DIY Video) if you have basic equipment, such as a DSLR camera or your mobile phone, tripod and a microphone. And if you want to add in some creative features such as text, music or your logo you'll need some type of mobile phone app or desktop software program for editing.  The other option is to commission a video production business to create one for you. Depending on your business and the level of professionalism you want to display and also depending on who your target market is, will depend on which way you choose to have your introductory video created.

This is just one style of introductory video and one I highly recommend, because it's more personal and is the quickest way for you to build rapport and connection with your customers. However, there are other styles of introductory videos that don't rely on you having to be in front of the camera, such as animated videos or whiteboard videos where you or your business is depicted through illustrated characters or animation. Again, there are software programs that you can purchase online to create these types of animated video or you can commission local video production companies or online services who specialise only in these types of video. But we'll go into more details about these types of video in a future post.

Whichever way you go, and whatever type of introductory video you choose, I recommend that you sit down and take an honest look at your business--the size, your budget, your type of business or industry and most importantly, what your objectives are--how do you want your customers to feel and respond?--what action do you want them to take? Just because you might think that a certain type of video is the easiest or the cheapest, doesn't necessarily mean it's the best course of action. Choose one that is going to best serve your needs and get you the best results, taking into consideration your budget, objectives and your target audience.

I hope this post has stimulated some ideas for you if you are considering video marketing for your business. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or email me at and I'll be happy to help!

Ciao for now...

Kerry :) x

What Legacy are You Creating?--Reflections on the Important Things...[Brisbane Video Production]

"LEGACY (Definition): something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past." 

- Miriam-Webster Dictionary

Have you ever questioned your reason for going into business?  Has anyone every asked you why you got started? How did you reply?

If you're like most people you may have answered somthing like..."So I can create wealth."..."So I can have a better life."..."So my children will be better off than me."..."Because I like to have control and do things my way."..."So I can have freedom."..."So I can travel.", etc, etc.

On the surface, I think we would like all of these things. But if we keep asking why, and peel away the layers, our reasons I think are much more--there is something deeper that inherently drives us. Why do you want to create wealth? What does 'better off ' really mean? What is freedom to you? And even though we all have different whys, in our common humanity, I believe our reasons come back to the same premise--TO LEAVE A LEGACY OF LOVE.

Why am I telling you this?

This week my father passed away. The above photo is of my father, Bob in Mt Hagan, Papua New Guinea. He was a truck driver (among other things he did) and spent many years navigating the mountains of PNG. This was all before Independence in PNG. That's where he met our mother Margaret and they got married. They were married 54 years. He would tell us that the years he spent in PNG were the best years of his life, and if you looked at his current closest friendships today, they were formed during this period of his life. It really was a life of adventure, without the restrictions and pressures we have upon us today and where material wealth was less important than experiential wealth.

So I wanted to share with you some of the things that I've been pondering upon. It's not often we get the chance to stop 'doing business', and actually 'do life' for a change. And what I mean by that, is that it's been an opportunity where business hasn't been my main focus for once.  It's times like these that really force you to get another perspective on life. 

In the last so many days, I've been helping organise my father's funeral, contacting friends and relatives, talking to funeral directors, and as I write this (Tuesday), I'm in the middle of creating the funeral program, ready to take to the printers tomorrow. Some of the conversations with Dad's old friends have really been wonderful because I'm listening to stories of Dad's past that I've never heard. And if you know me at all, I love listening to stories--it's why I'm so passionate about telling them!

Every day since my father passed, we've been gathering at the family home, going through family albums and boxes of old photos that mum has collected over the years. We've been keeping mum busy and keeping her spirits up. In fact, it's keeping all our spirits up. We've been sitting around the big table on the back verandah with lots of laughs, lots of cups of tea, conversations about childhood, and laughing at our photos from the 70's and 80's--the crazy hairdos and horrible fashions.

And then a question occurred to me: Why do we wait until something tragic happens before we share our stories??? 

Why can't we be creating and sharing our stories now?  And in order for there to be stories to tell, we need to create the space in our lives for those stories to unfold. And I don't mean stories that just revolve around having or building a business, but stories that involve you touching the lives of the very people you are wanting to serve. Each person's life that you encounter has unique value and has something to offer in the way of learning and providing the impetus for something far greater than we alone can create.

Which brings me back to the world Legacy.  When most people think of legacy, they think in monetary terms. But I believe legacy is much more than that. Legacy can be in the actions, thoughts and words that you create and leave to your family and friends. It's tied up in the stories that unfold throughout your life, which involves touching every person you encounter and doing so in a show of love--because that's really what I believe life is all about.  Of course, remembering that we all have differing ways of expressing love and each person's method of expression should always be respected. 

In fact, the day on which I'm writing this is ANZAC DAY. What more appropriate a day to talk about leaving a legacy? For every soldier who lost their life so we could enjoy the freedoms we have today, what bigger legacy could someone leave for a whole nation?

You see, it's times like these, when we lose someone near and dear to us, that strip away all the superfluous stuff that we hide behind, to bring us back to the fact that as humans, at our core, we want to experience love in order to give our lives deeper meaning and purpose.

So this week, I ask you to think about the stories you're creating. The stories that will become the legacy you're leaving, not only for your children, but for your employees, your co-workers, your businiess associates and network of people, your friends and family, your wider community, and humanity. 

Have a great week!

Kerry :) x

*P.S. I'll be away from 28/4/17 - 5/5/17, stripping away the superfluous stuff, so there will be no post next week. See you when I get back!

Get Off the Starting Blocks in Video & the K.I.S.S Principle...{Video Production Brisbane}

"Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress."

- Seth Godin

Something that I've learned in my business journey, and as a result of having a perfectionist nature, is that if you want to succeed in business, you have to overcome what I call 'The Perfectionist Mindset'.

Don't get me wrong...perfectionism, or rather, the pursuit of perfectionism is actually a good thing in business. It shows that you really care about the quality of your work and that you want the best for your clients and customers.

However, it can also create unnecessary fear and stop you from making real progress. Because the reality is...we'll never reach that illusive state of perfection. It's all relative to our own experiences and beliefs about ourselves. And it can stop us from getting off the starting blocks.

The thing'll never get it right the first time...or maybe the second or third time. However, you'll get better with each and every attempt. You learn something in the process. It's called progression. Learning and the accumulation of knowledge and skills takes time. So if you never begin, you're never going to reach your destination, because you're always waiting to 'get it exactly right'.

Meanwhile, your competitors have already started out of the blocks and they're experiencing momentum and seeing results. And you know what? They haven't got it perfect. In fact, they've probably made mistakes. And they don't care, because they're getting engagement. They're getting business and customers that you could probably have. 

The difference is, they're not hung up on perfectionism. They're about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. They're about making a decision and putting in ACTION. They know that they'll make mistakes and they'll stumble, but they'll learn exponentially as well. So their progress is going to be faster. They know they'll figure it out on on the way. 

Something I ask myself now when I feel that fear rise up, is to ponder upon where that fear is coming from. I then think of what could be the worst thing that could possibly happen and what I'm actually afraid of, i.e. I might look silly; I don't like the sound of my voice; I won't get it perfect and people might think less of me; what if I make a mistake or stumble?  Do you notice something in my language?  I'M MAKING IT ALL ABOUT ME! 

But when I turn it around and I come from a place where I am thinking of the very people I am trying to help and to reach out to, I realise that the last thing on my client or customer's mind is how I look, sound or whether I've stumbled or how perfect or imperfect I am.

"Because all they care about is WIIFM...What's in it for me?  They just want to know that you can help solve their problem in some way."

Why am I bringing this up?

Because I'm holding a series of workshops starting on next Wednesay 22 February, 2017 in Brisbane called 'How to Create Better Videos for your Mobile'. And I know many of you would like to have a go, but fear of something is holding you back.  So I'm here to tell you that it's not important you get it perfect...that you look or sound perfect. It's more important that you BEGIN to take action. You'll get better in the process. For such a small investment of $79 you can't go wrong. In fact, you can begin to get things so right!

Because as Seth Godin insightfully says...

"Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress."

So I encourage you to watch the video. Because this video is to show you how simple it is just to start. It's not perfect (I stutter, say Um, make mistakes, hit my microphone changing hands), and if I were creating a professional quality video for my client, there would be a whole lot of things I'd be doing differently, because that's what I'm paid to do for them.

But this is about you...and how simply you can start. In the video I created above, I used the following:

  • My mobile phone (Android)
  • a mini-tripod which was hand-held like a selfie stick
  • a small microphone

That's it!  You don't even need a microphone really, particularly if you're shooting indoors (but it helps). So I wanted to show you with just three things how I created this video message. The only other thing I have to say about this video is that I used a phone app to edit and add in the text you see, and I uploaded it directly to my YouTube channel (the importance of something I'll be covering in my workshops).

Simple...nothing spectacular.  But you get the message right?  And that's all video is meant to do...get your message across!  And your message, when it's authentic and comes from the heart will be heard by the right people.

So for those of you who have said you're coming or would like to come along, go to my eventbrite page for the workshops, buy your tickets and just make a start!  You know I'll help you if you stumble. It's okay. I'll also be creating a private Facebook page for the participants so that I can help you in-between each workshop, ask questions, submit your videos for me to look at and guide you on how to improve them, etc, etc. 

And even on the first workshop night, you'll be creating something that you can be proud of because you finally got off the starting blocks and you're making progress!

I hope to see some more of you there!

Kerry :) x


Get Out of Your Own Way & Step into Your Brilliance...[Video Production Brisbane]

You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself.

~ Seth Godin


Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Did you get a chance to rest, recuperate, spend time with family and friends and stop and smell the roses? I hope you did. And I hope that if you got time to rest - that you took time to reflect upon 2016 and what you could improve upon. But more importantly, I hope you got a chance to reflect upon what you did well and what progress you made, however small.

Last year was a big year for me. It was my most challenging year...personally and professionally. I laughed. I cried. I pushed myself. I had many moments of self-doubt. I found it hard to put myself out there, because I was quite comfortable just working from home and not having to talk to people. But I did it anyway because I knew I had to. And you know what? I actually enjoyed it!

It was a year of getting my face in front of people and talking to other business people. And I learned a lot from them. In fact, my business has improved and it will continue to improve  because of those networks and because of those people. I realise now that in order to grow, I need a team of people. I can't do all of this on my own. And I actually gain from that.  Not only does my business grow, but I grow as a person and I grow in knowledge.

I also discovered in the process of getting myself out there that I actually have something really valuable to offer people.

Believe it or not, I still struggle with getting myself in front of a camera or video. But towards the end of the year, I finally was brave enough to step in front of the video camera, rather than get behind it. Well I had to. How was I going to show others how to do that if I wasn't willing to do it myself? And now that I'm feeling comfortable with that, even though I don't necessarily like seeing or hearing myself on video, I'll be doing more. 

Because I'm on a mission...a mission to help those in business put their brilliance out into the world!

The video at the top is an Introductory Video I helped create for one of my participants who attended my end of year video workshop called, 'How to Write Your Own Script+Create Your Own Video'.  The feedback was wonderful and it was motivating for me. I really enjoyed helping and empowering others to begin their video marketing journey.

But something I hear and sense, and not just in this workshop, but just talking to other people who are in business and who want to use video, is the FEAR! Fear of how they look, how they sound...the fear of not getting it perfect.

AND here's the thing... You're not going to get it perfect on the first go guys, or even after that...So stop beating yourself up! 

The idea of a video or images is not for you to get it perfect or to look or sound perfect. And I'm not advocating that you put up shitty photos and crappy video. You still have to have a level of professionalism in what you do. But it doesn't have to be perfect!

The objective is get your message out into the world and attract quality clients who see the value of what you have to offer and can see how you can help solve their problem.

And it won't just take one message. It will take you repeating your message in different ways, using different formats and getting in front of those quality clients to stop them long enough to hear you. And each time you'll get better. It will feel easier for you.

But if nobody even sees your message because you're too worried about the way you look, then you need to start thinking about why you're in business. The hard reality is that we need to put ourselves out there, however hard that may be and just ENGAGE.

And you know what? This post is like I'm writing to myself. To remind myself. Because I really do hear you. I know it's hard.'s doable! However messy or imperfect you first start the journey. it doesn't matter. It really doesn't. 

If you're really passionate. If you care. If you want make a difference, whether big or small. People aren't going to care about how you look. They're going to care about the message you have for them and whether that message is going to help them solve a problem and make their lives better. And most importantly...that they feel that you care for them, and that it comes from your heart. 

So in 2017 I hope you have the courage to get out of your own way and put your brilliance out into the world!

Kerry :) x

How the Art of Observation Will Help You Find Your Why...[Video Production Brisbane]

"We cannot empty the mind by thinking. Only by observation."

~ Robert Adams

It's that time of year again as we head into Christmas and the New Year.  I, like many, will be taking a well-earned rest over the festive season. When everyone else is busy, busy, busy, I'll be taking a big step back to retreat from the world and get some much needed rest. I don't know about you, but for me it's been a huge year!

So this will be the last post for 2016, and I am eager for 2017 as I have a feeling it's going to be a great year. I wanted to finish of the year off, not to talk about business per se, but how to help you make the most of the downtime (if you're getting it) to prepare for next year and make sure that you're rested and ready to tackle 2017.

As a creative, I find that I need a lot of solitary time to withdraw and to think about things away from the pressure and bustle and information overload that is part of our normal everyday lives. I think it has to be a conscious endeavour to ensure this happens on a regular basis.

Being in business, I know that most people have difficulty actually stopping and relaxing. But it's important. Not only for your own health and well-being, but also for your business. The 'Art of Observation' is highly underrated. You don't have to be a creative to do it. And it will reap benefits. Especially to get down to the deeper parts of yourself you may be too busy to get to.

So I invite your during this period, if you can, to really listen. And not just listen to want is happening in your immediate surroundings. But get still and go inward and listen to your body and your heart.

Ask of yourself 'why'. Why do you do what you do? Why does it matter? And then ask of yourself whether what you're doing is in alignment with what your heart tells you. Does it bring you joy? Or does it move you further away from joy? Your heart it.

And I'm not just talking about your business. Your business is only one facet of who you are and even though it may be a big part of your 'why', there are many other parts of you and your life that inspire your business or vocation. It  is a vehicle and a part of fulfilling your why.

So I will leave you in 2016 with Simon Sinek's video (above). It's a new one, only just released in the last few days.  It's a bit of a prequel in a way, to Simon's video, 'Start with the Why', and he goes into more detail about his struggles before he found success. I hope you can glean from it some inspiration to define your 'why' and ask of yourself the questions that you may have just been too busy to ask, but are so important to defining your path moving forward.

Thank you for your support and engagement. I appreciate you. Wishing you much peace, happiness, gratitude and love during the Christmas break and New Year. 

Kerry xox :)

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Attracting the Right Client is about Clarity - Are Your Clear on that?...[Video Production Brisbane}

Image by Kerry Warnholtz, TSI Multimedia

Image by Kerry Warnholtz, TSI Multimedia

"Her clarity gave her purpose, and her purpose gave her clarity."

~ Jonathon Stroud

This weekend I'm holding a video workshop to help some women in business create an introductory video as part of their marketing and branding.  And I couldn't be more excited! Even though it's not exclusively for women, I just happened to attract women.

Going through the exercise of creating the ad copy and piecing my marketing together for this workshop has been an interesting exercise for me, because for the first time since starting down this particular road in business, it's the first time I've been really clear on who I am and why I'm doing this.

So what I found interesting is that I'm attracting a different type of client - clients that believe they can make a difference and bring about change through who they are and what they do.

Initially when I started out in business I was happy to have any client that was willing to take me on and pay me. Today my expectations are so different.  They're different because I'm beginning to get clear on who I really want to work with, what I truly value and what I stand for.

This weekend these passionate women are going to get much more than an 'introductory video'. This weekend these women are going to get really clear on who they are...what their purpose is...what they stand for...what they value, and WHY they do what they do.

Most importantly these change-makers are going to find out that what differentiates them AND WHAT SETS THEIR BUSINESSES APART is who they are and what they're about. Video created through story, is just the medium to fully and authentically express that.

Kerry :) x