Your Lead Magnet is Right in Front of Your Eyes!...[Video Production Brisbane]

"There is nothing more deceptive than on obvious fact."  

~ Arthur Conan Doyle

In any business, the aim is to attract customers who not only want what you offer, but are ready and willing to take up on that offer. With so many things competing for their time and dollar, our customers are getting more selective about who they want to do business with or buy from. 

The difficulty as a business is presenting what we offer in a way that,

1. Gets their attention, and
2. Gives them the solution to their problem or challenges.

We then spend months and even years in the pursuit of just getting their attention and then trying to convince them that what we have is the answer to their problem. The hardest part is figuring out how to present that solution in a way that gets the 'right customer' who sees you as the only answer to their problem without having to convince them.  And the only way to do this is to uniquely position yourself among your competitors. You have to do something different.

The above Goodle Adwords Case Study is a perfect example of a different approach to attracting your ideal customer. 


Because Google Adwords is using one of the most precious, and most underutilised resources that businesses have right under their noses but can't see...their  extremely happy and satisfied customer!

And I'm not saying that you're not using the experience of your happy customers, because you could be. Most businesses use customer testimonials to show that people are happy with their product or service.  And that's great, and what we should all be doing. But written customer testimonials are a given in today's business world. We're not really offering anything different to our customers that our competitors aren't. So again, we have to do something different.   

But if you look at the short video ad, you might notice something.  It's not just a 'customer testimonial'.  Firstly, it's highly visual, i.e. the use of moving images, rather than a straight written testimonial.  But what I want to draw your attention to is that it's a different type of customer testimonial. It's a video testimonial built around using STORY to deeply engage the target audience. It's showing how the product (Google Adwords) has successfuly provided a solution to the customer's (Bay Fish n Trips) need to attract leads and qualified customers, in the framework of telling a customer story.

Isn't that more interesting, engaging and more convincing than a straight written testimonial? Because we are now engaging our audience through more senses. And through the use of video+story, we've also done something even more powerful--we've connected with our audience at a deeper, more emotional level where they now feel they know us and trust us. And we can see ourselves in that customer and if that product or service has worked for them, then it could work for us. So we as businesses no longer have to try and convince our target audience---our extremely happy customers can do that for us!

So now thinking about your own business or situation, what ways can you utilise the great experiences of your happy customers to convince your target audience that you are the answer to their problems?

Have a great week!

Kerry :) x

*P.S.  On the note of Google Adwords, if you are looking for someone to help you put together a customised Google Adwords solution, I can highly recommend Karen from Outfox Marketing who takes a magnifying glass to your business, finds out what and how you do things differently and formulates a customised approach!