What's Your Story?--It's Not What You Think!...[Brisbane Video Production]

"When you ensure that the stories you tell and the story you live are consistent with your beliefs, life is less stressful. As the story you live, tell, and believe become mores congruent, you don't feel scattered, pushed, and pulled by external events." 

~ 'The Story Factor', Annette Simmons

Do you feel it?  Do you feel how the end of 2017 is quickly approaching and that 2018 is already in your sights?  Are you already looking to 2018 with a list of goals and achievements that you can't wait to get cracking on? I know I am. I have some definite goals for next year which I'm really excited about. But you know, there's still two-and-a-bit months left of this year, and there's still time to be working on things. For me, it's been about letting go of what no longer serves, focusing on only what is going to get me to the next level, and finishing things off in preparation for what's ahead in 2018. How about you? Are you experiencing much of the same?

The other thing that I've been doing this year, especially coming into the last quarter of 2017, is stepping back and taking a real good look at where my business is and what it stands for. I've also worked out what I do uniquely.  It's taken me that long--YES!  An epiphany!  And I'm coming to a place where I feel that my business and personal goals are beginning to come into alignment. Part of that has been about looking at my own story with honesty and non-judgment, and observing who I am, what I personally stand for and how the things I truly and deeply value are so tied up in what I want to achieve for my business and what resonates with my ideal clients.

When I step back and go within and feel what it is that truly brings me joy, it means gaining a deep sense of clarity and a knowing about being the best person I can be in accordance with who I truly am. When I have that sense of clarity, peace and purpose, it flows into everything else that I do and the people that I encounter. It then allows me to go out into the world with fresh eyes so that I can connect and engage with people and life, with a deeper sense of curiosity and interest.  And then I am able to bring all that to my business.

So what is your story? And is your story and your business in alignment? Is what you stand for and what your business stands in congruence? If things aren't going as well as what you'd like, maybe there's a disconnect between who you truly are and the messages you're putting out into the world when it comes to your business. 

Your story isn't always necessarily about storytelling in the traditional sense, but as Tara so insightly says in her short video above, What Is Your Story?, your story is also "the underlying story of what you stand for, and why people should care".

So as you enter the last quarter of 2017, and before embarking upon a new year of business goals, if you would like things to be different for 2018, maybe take the time to sit down and feel into what you truly want and who you are. Ask yourself the hard questions--Am I truly happy? Does what I do bring me joy? Is who I am and how I walk in the world reflect in my business? What do I truly stand for? How do I need to make it happen?

Have a great week!

Kerry :) x

*Banner image by Jason Wong