Thanks for the Inspiration--All the Way from the French Alps...[Brisbane Learn Video]

Image Credit:  Gratisography

Image Credit: Gratisography

“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” ―  Frontier Volunteer

This week I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU!

Thank you to all of you who open my emails, read my articles and posts, leave a comment, ask questions, provide feedback, like and share the content I provide, (or just stalk me ). 

Thank you to those of you who are giving this video thing a good hot go.


...start and stumble;

...pick themselves up and begin again; 

...doubt themselves or feel overwhelmed; 

...move forward with imperfect action, and move through the fear anyway.

The last few weeks I've been getting comments, questions and feedback about peoples'  individual video marketing journeys in their businesses.  Some have had breakthroughs and wins, and others have had challenges and reached out to resolve them. And each one of them has been at different stages of their journey, doing different things. 

Of course, what has given me the  greatest joy,  are the people who have said that they gave something a go. And they were excited and over the moon because they took that step and have been positively buoyed by their own actions. 

They were excited because they pushed through the fear or uncertainty and then found that it wasn't really as bad as what they thought. But now they've done it, they feel inspired and motivated to do it again! 

So this week I'm going to share with you some feedback and a video from Andy,  who had read last week's post, 'How to Add Captions to Your Video'.  

What I found inspiring was that Andy not only read the post but then applied the learning on the same day, where he was hiking, climbing and biking up Grand Pic du Galibier in the French Alps.  This is the comment he left on my Linkedin page.



And here's a screenshot of his post, comment and video with captions. Click on the link to watch his video (for those of you who are on Linkedin).


How excited was I to get a tag and comment from Andy about his jubilation and success. It made my week!

So please keep those comments, feedbacks and questions coming. If you have any challenges or are just getting stuck...reach out. And most of all, please keep sharing your wins, however small. I want to help you celebrate them.

Have a great week!

Kerry :) x

^Banner Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash