Taking a Photo VS Creating a Vision...[Brisbane Multimedia/Brisbane Video Production]

Before and After - Couple & Maternity Shoot, Piers & Riana.  One photo like this can take me over an hour to edit.

"You can not depend on your eyes, when your imagination is out of focus."

~ Mark Twain

It's taken me more than three years to get to a stage where I actually like my photos. When I first started out - when photography was a hobby, I remember that back then I liked my photos. I look back at those photos now and I really dislike them. I can see how amateurish they are now, in hindsight. But I also value those photos. Because without that start, I wouldn't be here.

I think we all know that feeling - starting out learning something. Being really passionate and obsessed about it, and we just go out and do it and make it happen, knowing full well that it may not be what's our possible best, but we love doing it, and it's just a step on the way to being our very best. Then you realise...that journey never actually ends. That's the most exciting part...possibility and how much better we can become. 


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Before and After - Dylan Swansson - Superman series


Over the years I've been reluctant to share my 'before' and 'afters', because I was always fearful that people would think lesser of me if they really knew what a photo straight out of the camera looks like. It's not particularly amazing at all, as you can see.

But I've had numerous people ask about what one of my photos looks like before, and then after I've edited them. So today, I'm finally going to share with you my secret...it's all about illusion...and imagination and vision.


Before and After - Dylan Swansson - Superman series. This one photo took many hours over a number of days to process.


You see, something that I've come to realise is that most people have difficulty visualising possibility. Now I said 'most', because some people have more imagination than others.  Mostly, people cannot see what I can see. So when you look at these 'befores and afters', understand that the 'after' is what I can see--possibility!  When I look through the camera lens the finished image is what I see, not what you can see or the camera sees. In fact, I've already imagined the 'after' photo well before. 

When you first begin to talk to me about what you want, and show me some examples. When I really listen and get to know you--I watch you and I get a sense of who you are and what drives you--your style--what you feel when you describe something. I feel this too, and then the visions start coming into my head. Often they'll wake me in the middle of the night. My insight and connection always brings me the answers. 


Before and After - Mel & Chloe


When it comes to the photo shoot itself, I feel I know you so intimately that I can then draw from you what is inside of you, so that what I capture in those moments is who you are, but expressed in possibility. The real kick for me is when I create something where you see that possibility within yourself that I've already imagined.

So when it comes to processing, and provided I've really connected in with who you are--I've inherently understood the setting, the lighting, the mood and emotions I want to bring out--that I've got a sense of your style. All these things will influence the choices I make when I choose an edit. And I play with the look, the colours and feel, and as I do this I think of you--I hold that picture of you in my head and I feel into who you are. I draw upon that connection and that becomes my muse.

And as with photography, so it is with my video work. I bring this too. But you know, video brings an even more infinite world of possibility, and that really excites me.


Before and After - Nicole Taryn - headshot

In ending, I just wanted to make it clear that not all photographers go through the same process. That's why we choose different photographers (or videographers). Some photographers don't spend much time on post-processing. Some do. Neither is wrong nor right. As long as their work resonates with you, it doesn't really matter in the end.

But also understand that the process and preparation required is different for each photographer, videographer and artist. And each creative has something different they bring to their work. That's what you're paying for. You're paying for their vision and their ability to create something that resonates with you in a way that no other person's work does. 

Have a great week!

Kerry :) x

*P.S. You can find more of my photography work here.

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