Get Off the Starting Blocks in Video & the K.I.S.S Principle...{Video Production Brisbane}

"Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress."

- Seth Godin

Something that I've learned in my business journey, and as a result of having a perfectionist nature, is that if you want to succeed in business, you have to overcome what I call 'The Perfectionist Mindset'.

Don't get me wrong...perfectionism, or rather, the pursuit of perfectionism is actually a good thing in business. It shows that you really care about the quality of your work and that you want the best for your clients and customers.

However, it can also create unnecessary fear and stop you from making real progress. Because the reality is...we'll never reach that illusive state of perfection. It's all relative to our own experiences and beliefs about ourselves. And it can stop us from getting off the starting blocks.

The thing'll never get it right the first time...or maybe the second or third time. However, you'll get better with each and every attempt. You learn something in the process. It's called progression. Learning and the accumulation of knowledge and skills takes time. So if you never begin, you're never going to reach your destination, because you're always waiting to 'get it exactly right'.

Meanwhile, your competitors have already started out of the blocks and they're experiencing momentum and seeing results. And you know what? They haven't got it perfect. In fact, they've probably made mistakes. And they don't care, because they're getting engagement. They're getting business and customers that you could probably have. 

The difference is, they're not hung up on perfectionism. They're about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. They're about making a decision and putting in ACTION. They know that they'll make mistakes and they'll stumble, but they'll learn exponentially as well. So their progress is going to be faster. They know they'll figure it out on on the way. 

Something I ask myself now when I feel that fear rise up, is to ponder upon where that fear is coming from. I then think of what could be the worst thing that could possibly happen and what I'm actually afraid of, i.e. I might look silly; I don't like the sound of my voice; I won't get it perfect and people might think less of me; what if I make a mistake or stumble?  Do you notice something in my language?  I'M MAKING IT ALL ABOUT ME! 

But when I turn it around and I come from a place where I am thinking of the very people I am trying to help and to reach out to, I realise that the last thing on my client or customer's mind is how I look, sound or whether I've stumbled or how perfect or imperfect I am.

"Because all they care about is WIIFM...What's in it for me?  They just want to know that you can help solve their problem in some way."

Why am I bringing this up?

Because I'm holding a series of workshops starting on next Wednesay 22 February, 2017 in Brisbane called 'How to Create Better Videos for your Mobile'. And I know many of you would like to have a go, but fear of something is holding you back.  So I'm here to tell you that it's not important you get it perfect...that you look or sound perfect. It's more important that you BEGIN to take action. You'll get better in the process. For such a small investment of $79 you can't go wrong. In fact, you can begin to get things so right!

Because as Seth Godin insightfully says...

"Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress."

So I encourage you to watch the video. Because this video is to show you how simple it is just to start. It's not perfect (I stutter, say Um, make mistakes, hit my microphone changing hands), and if I were creating a professional quality video for my client, there would be a whole lot of things I'd be doing differently, because that's what I'm paid to do for them.

But this is about you...and how simply you can start. In the video I created above, I used the following:

  • My mobile phone (Android)
  • a mini-tripod which was hand-held like a selfie stick
  • a small microphone

That's it!  You don't even need a microphone really, particularly if you're shooting indoors (but it helps). So I wanted to show you with just three things how I created this video message. The only other thing I have to say about this video is that I used a phone app to edit and add in the text you see, and I uploaded it directly to my YouTube channel (the importance of something I'll be covering in my workshops).

Simple...nothing spectacular.  But you get the message right?  And that's all video is meant to do...get your message across!  And your message, when it's authentic and comes from the heart will be heard by the right people.

So for those of you who have said you're coming or would like to come along, go to my eventbrite page for the workshops, buy your tickets and just make a start!  You know I'll help you if you stumble. It's okay. I'll also be creating a private Facebook page for the participants so that I can help you in-between each workshop, ask questions, submit your videos for me to look at and guide you on how to improve them, etc, etc. 

And even on the first workshop night, you'll be creating something that you can be proud of because you finally got off the starting blocks and you're making progress!

I hope to see some more of you there!

Kerry :) x