Do You Suffer from this Marketing Affliction?...[Brisbane Video Production]

"Nobody has the ability to make things perfect, but we are given chances to make things right." 

~ Author Unknown

So something has been niggling at me for some time. I confess, I cringe every time I see someone doing this (bless their souls).  But don't feel bad if you suffer from this. I too was totally oblivious. But once you watch the video below, which will only take two minutes and fifty-eight seconds out of your life - you will be enlightened and forever changed...and hopefully educated. And you now have the opportunity to make things right.

***Warning: There is a little profanity in this video...but it's bloody funny! :P So if you lack a sense of humour, you may just want to skip watching it all together. But then again, you'd never know if you suffered from this affliction. ;) 


Kerry :) x