Creating a Social Media Profile & Building a Brand: Case Study...[Social Media Branding Brisbane]

"The true measure of our success will be the number of people touched and transformed by our success."

~ Angela Ahrendts

Meet Jordyn Clarke (picture above). She's 16 years old and she's creating a brand and building a social media profile. Jordyn is also a very successful and talented, senior elite,  international Rhythmic Gymnast -  a beautiful and grounded 16 year old who is a role model to many young and upcoming gymnasts. If you only knew the hours and the dedication she puts into her sport as well as her education, and how she juggles that with national and international travel, you would be amazed and inspired.

Jordyn has been training since she was 3 years old. How is that as a lesson for delayed gratification,  persistence and holding onto your dream? So now it's time for her to really shine, make her mark upon the world and build her social media presence. Along with her parents, she has a very specific strategy to building her profile. Her logo has been created, and we are right now in the starting phase of building a portfolio of social media photos to begin a slow release of images. Jordyn is very excited!

You are the first people to see these images (by permission of Jordyn's parents), which will be released into Jordyn's social network very shortly.   Below are a couple of supplied photos to show you Jordyn's transformation.


Client Brief: Stage 1 - create a portfolio of images to create a social media presence and start building 'Brand Jordy'. Images must reflect her fun and vibrant personality and capture her spirit, athleticism and energy. The images must be different from the standard types of photos that are present in her sporting industry. 

Initially, my client requested 'artistic shots' to show her athleticism, but in a way that was not like anything Jordyn's peers have done. She wanted to create something unique and also something that showed that she was no longer a little girl but a mature young woman.

So my suggestion was to create two sets of images with different vibes and for different purposes. The first set, which images you see today are for the purpose of using on all of Jordyn's social media platforms, to promote her in a way that reflects who she is 'outside' of the sport. And because she has many young girls who look up to her and regard her as a role model, she would need the kind of images that would appeal and relate to young girls, regardless of whether they were gymnasts or not. So we wanted images that were light, fun and funky and showed a grounded and relaxed girl that was just like any other young girl who likes to have fun, be at home and do what kids do. We also wanted images that were versatile that could be used for many different purposes, including head shots as well as custom stock images reflecting Jordyn's brand.

The second set of images have yet to created, but these will be her artistic shots which will show Jordyn's athleticism and energy, but in an a beautifully artistic way. So keep your eyes open for those.  It's going to be fun and exciting and I love doing these types of creative shots!

Here are a few more images from this set, which are only a very small portion.

What I love about this project is that the client is very clear about the message they want to convey. From the feel and energy, to the logo, branding, colours and overall design. And this makes a huge difference to the end result. 

So if you're wanting to give your social media images and profile a bit of a lift, change or are still looking to create some images to transform and energise your social media profile, a little bit of planning and forethought goes a long way.  And if you have trouble working out the details of how you want that to look, that's where I can help you. That's where I bring the skills of creativity, insight and my eye for design, to produce images that reflect your authenticity and energy.

Have a great week!

Kerry :) x

*P.S. Thanks to Rita from Rita's Make-up Artistry for her wonderful hair styling and make-up expertise!