Create Quick, Snackable Videos Using ONLY Your Laptop--Find Out How...[Video Training Brisbane]

Photo by  Ellyot  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ellyot on Unsplash

"Making stuff is great. Making connections is even better."

~ Seth Godin

Thought about creating video, but maybe you think you need all the gear before you start? 

Well today, I'm going to make it even simpler for you and tell you that you don't even need your phone. Yep...that's right.

In fact, if you only have a laptop or desktop, you can still create videos.  And easily shareable videos to build relationships with potential, new and existing customers, as well as staff.


By using video and screen recording software that records directly from your inbuilt laptop or webcam for your desktop computer.  

So I stumbled upon this great FREE program called LOOM.  It's fantastic for connecting with potential, new or existing clients because it adds a really personal touch and it's simple and takes minutes to create.

What can you do with LOOM?

-- Send personalised, snackable videos to your customers, rather than a long, drawn out email. 
-- Close Sales by sending quotes or pitches to potential clients, attached with a personalised video (who does that right??)
-- Do a product walk-through or demo.
-- Create an Instructional  or Training Video using easy-to-follow, screen-recorded, step-by-step instructions and record yourself talking a the     same time.
-- Make an Announcement with a Quick Video
-- Insert videos into your Blog Posts
-- Embed videos into Promotional Landing Pages
-- and more...

To find out more about how you can use Loom to convert sales and build engagement, check out these Case Studies

What I love about Loom is that it's so quick to create videos, and you can:

- attach videos directly to your emails using GMail, so that the person you send your videos too, can open them directly in the email.
- use a URL link to click
- Embed your video (think Introductory Videos for your website)
- Download your video as a stand-alone video to use wherever you want to (upload to YouTube, etc)

Here's a really quick video I created in Loom for my business networking group as part of a 5 min presentation that I gave on using video in email marketing as part of your video and marketing strategy.

I just wanted to show what the Loom screen looks like when using both the camera and screen capture option, and explain how easy it was. I embedded the link in my powerpoint presentation to play the video.  So this is another way you can use the software - create videos to use in presentations.

 *N.B. For this video, because I literally only had two minutues to create this video, I didn't have time to go in and shut off some of the display buttons before recording.You just make sure you do this and set that up before recording.

In fact, only yesterday I got some great feedback from Karen, owner of Outfox Marketing, who after seeing my presentation, decided to try Loom with great results. So Karen shared with me that she created a number of training videos for her client, whom she is training in Google Adwords. She was so happy with the results and was surprised how simple and easy it was for her to create these training videos to deliver great value to her client.

So I hope this post stimulates some more ideas around how easy it is to create videos. And for this one, you don't even need to use any specialist video equipment.

And remember to let me know how you're going, and if you have a win, please share.

Have a great week!

Kerry :) x