Are You Ready for 2018?--A Business Client's Fresh New Look for Her Website...[Brisbane Head Shots Photographer]

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"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

~ Rumi

Can you feel that? Are you ready for 2018?

Christmas is just around the corner, and the end of the year fast on our heels, with 2018 fast approaching...yikes!

In business, it's that time of the year where traditionally we endeavour to slow down, sit down and review how we've gone in the previous 12 months. It's also that time that after looking back that we then look forward and begin in earnest to plan and prepare to start the following new year off on a positive footing.

I'm not sure about you, but it seems that everything that needs doing has kind of crept up on me and I'm finding myself squeezing so many things in at the last minute. As much as I'd like to think that I'm organised, there's still plenty that needs to be done and just won't get done by the end of the year. This is in spite of my well-intentioned plans.  

But for some people, it seems like they're pretty organised and they'll be ready to hit the road running in 2018. One of those people is my last client of the year, Jenny.  

Jenny is an SEO specialist and she's currently working on a fresh new look for her website, JC Advantage. We recently we took a chunk of a day out to shoot some head shots for Jenny as well as some customised stock images for her website revamp. So she will be all ready for a fresh new start and look for 2018!

What do you think of the collage of images, which give a taste of some of her photos?

Jenny was very happy and so was I. We had a lot of fun shooting these and ended up with a great spread of images for her to choose from. It was difficult for her to narrrow her selection. Now Jenny has quite a number of images to use going forward.

Not only for her website, but for her social media profiles and to use for any future marketing or print media. And you'll be able to see a larger selection of Jenny's head shots and stock photos very soon, when I get around to adding her case study to my website.

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Now if you're anything like me, and running a little behind, that's okay too. At this time of the year, it's also important that we take time out for ourselves to step away from our businesses and enjoy the important things--to enjoy life, our friends, our families and everything else that life has to offer.

And if you're wanting some fresh new photos or a revamp for your social media and your website and you ran out of time--don't worry! There's still plenty of time in the New Year to get that started. 

For head shots, check out my 'Authentic is the New Black' Head Shots Package for all the details. If you'd like to book early in the new year for that, and/or some custom stock photos too, be sure to contact me so we can have a chat about what you need. I'll be back on board from Monday 8th January, 2018.

So this will be the last weekly post for 2017, as I now focus on preparing for Christmas. I'll also be off on a well-earned overseas holiday and will be returning in early January.  Of course I'll be taking my camera and getting some travel photos and a little video while I'm gone and I look forward to sharing them with you in the New Year.

Have a wonderful Christmas and be sure to slow down and savour the moments with your family and friends. Enjoy the festivities--stay safe and we'll see you for a wonderful new year of 2018!

Much love...Kerry :) x