6 Simple Types of Video to Showcase Your Business: 'HOW-TO' VIDEOS...[Brisbane Video Production]

Click on the above image for an example of a 'How To' Video in YouTube

Click on the above image for an example of a 'How To' Video in YouTube

"Successful people, in all callings, never stop acquiring specialized knowledge related to their major purpose, business, or profession." 

- Napoleon Hill

Back in May 2015, Google released some interesting statistics which revealed that YouTube 'How To" Video Searches were up 70%, with over 100 million hours watched in 2015.  Now that's pretty impressive, and if that was 2015, you have to wonder how much that statistic has morphed.

Today, 'How To' Videos are still one of the most popular and highly searched videos on YouTube and Google search in general. I only have to think of my own use of searches, and YouTube is definitely a place I like to go when I'm researching or looking for information, or even finding more detailed information about really technically specific things when it comes to video, video equipment, or maybe when I'm tackling a situation that I've never come across before and I need to do a bit of pre-preparation. How about you?  Have you ever wanted to know how to do something and gone onto YouTube or the net in general looking for information on how to do something?  What comes to my mind are those 'How-To' videos on the Bunnings website, showing you how to do just about anything hardware related. 

Click on the image to 'Learn how to give your bathroom a makeover on a budget'.

Click on the image to 'Learn how to give your bathroom a makeover on a budget'.

So how we can we as business owners take advantage of the growing 'HOW-TO' video trend? It's really quite simple...we show our own customers something that is of value - some piece of information, knowledge or instruction to help them understand our products or services, and most importantly, how it can benefit them. There are many types of formats of How-To videos, but as I always stress, it's best to start simply and then build upon that.  

  1. The easiest How-To video is one where you simply explain a process or instruction step-by-step. You could have yourself feature in the video talking or introducing the process, and then switching to a photo or series of photos along with some step-by-step instructions in text to match the process you're explaining. You could also explain the same process just using photos, video or text or a combination.  
  2. Maybe you could create your How-To video as a whiteboard video.  Whiteboard videos are easy to create and produce and don't require you to be in the video physically. These types of videos are great to use accompanied with your voice, or as we call it in the video industry, voice overs. And they are also very cost-effective when starting out in business.
  3. Another great type of how-to video is one which is used alot in teaching courses online, using Screen Capture software. This is ideal if you have a business that's quite technical and you need your audience to follow instructions online in a systematic way that is step-by-step. As the name implies, you are capturing a shot or screenshot of what is actually appearing on your computer as you go through the motions of taking your audience through the process. So they see what you see on your screen as you are doing it live. This is great if, just say you have customers who might make the same mistake and you're constantly having to explain to them over the phone how to correct the mistake. Along the lines of 'trouble-shooting'. So a how-to video taking them through the same process you do over the phone could be a great way to save you time so you don't have to give the same explanation over and over again.

And just a tip when creating How-To Videos for your business, is to first work out the most challenging problem or frustration that your customer is having. There may be a few challenges. Once you've pinpointed these, then write down how you would solve that problem or challenge, and then document that process step-by-step. Then lastly, have someone else who isn't familiar with your business or industry follow through the steps before you create your video and then again after you've created it. Because we have to remember that our customers may not be familiar with the words, jargon and the environment that we work in, so they as someone who doesn't know anything about what we do, must be able to follow and understand our instructions.

Well I hope this post has stimulated some more ideas for you if you are considering video marketing for your business. And remember to look out for next week's post where we'll be talking about how you can effectively use TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS to showcase your business!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or email me at info@truth-seeker-images.com and I'll be happy to help!

Ciao for now...

Kerry :) x