A Story About Acceptance - My First Short Documentary...[Video Production Brisbane/Video Production Gold Coast]

"The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself."

- Mark Twain

Today was a rather special day that I wanted to share with you.

You see...it was the official release of my first business, short documentary film. Not only was my client over the moon, but the response from her rather large network of followers, clients and students was overwhelmingly positive. It had the desired effect.

In all reality, as a film-maker, your goal is to have your audience (and for businesses, it's your target audience) connect with your work...with the story...and with the characters, and to come away feeling something that stays with them, and also inspires them to some type of action.

This short documentary called 'Find Your Tribe', is a story about acceptance. And whether you can relate to the area of spirituality or not is irrelevant.  Because what this story is about  is the acceptance of what is different in all of us. And not just accepting our differences, but embracing them. And in the embracing, we come to realise that beneath the surface there is very little difference at all.

So I hope you enjoy this short documentary, my first. It was such an amazing experience to immerse myself in this story to produce something that resonates with the people it was intended for. What more could I ask for?

Kerry :) xox

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