Get Out of Your Own Way & Step into Your Brilliance...[Video Production Brisbane]

You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself.

~ Seth Godin


Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Did you get a chance to rest, recuperate, spend time with family and friends and stop and smell the roses? I hope you did. And I hope that if you got time to rest - that you took time to reflect upon 2016 and what you could improve upon. But more importantly, I hope you got a chance to reflect upon what you did well and what progress you made, however small.

Last year was a big year for me. It was my most challenging year...personally and professionally. I laughed. I cried. I pushed myself. I had many moments of self-doubt. I found it hard to put myself out there, because I was quite comfortable just working from home and not having to talk to people. But I did it anyway because I knew I had to. And you know what? I actually enjoyed it!

It was a year of getting my face in front of people and talking to other business people. And I learned a lot from them. In fact, my business has improved and it will continue to improve  because of those networks and because of those people. I realise now that in order to grow, I need a team of people. I can't do all of this on my own. And I actually gain from that.  Not only does my business grow, but I grow as a person and I grow in knowledge.

I also discovered in the process of getting myself out there that I actually have something really valuable to offer people.

Believe it or not, I still struggle with getting myself in front of a camera or video. But towards the end of the year, I finally was brave enough to step in front of the video camera, rather than get behind it. Well I had to. How was I going to show others how to do that if I wasn't willing to do it myself? And now that I'm feeling comfortable with that, even though I don't necessarily like seeing or hearing myself on video, I'll be doing more. 

Because I'm on a mission...a mission to help those in business put their brilliance out into the world!

The video at the top is an Introductory Video I helped create for one of my participants who attended my end of year video workshop called, 'How to Write Your Own Script+Create Your Own Video'.  The feedback was wonderful and it was motivating for me. I really enjoyed helping and empowering others to begin their video marketing journey.

But something I hear and sense, and not just in this workshop, but just talking to other people who are in business and who want to use video, is the FEAR! Fear of how they look, how they sound...the fear of not getting it perfect.

AND here's the thing... You're not going to get it perfect on the first go guys, or even after that...So stop beating yourself up! 

The idea of a video or images is not for you to get it perfect or to look or sound perfect. And I'm not advocating that you put up shitty photos and crappy video. You still have to have a level of professionalism in what you do. But it doesn't have to be perfect!

The objective is get your message out into the world and attract quality clients who see the value of what you have to offer and can see how you can help solve their problem.

And it won't just take one message. It will take you repeating your message in different ways, using different formats and getting in front of those quality clients to stop them long enough to hear you. And each time you'll get better. It will feel easier for you.

But if nobody even sees your message because you're too worried about the way you look, then you need to start thinking about why you're in business. The hard reality is that we need to put ourselves out there, however hard that may be and just ENGAGE.

And you know what? This post is like I'm writing to myself. To remind myself. Because I really do hear you. I know it's hard.'s doable! However messy or imperfect you first start the journey. it doesn't matter. It really doesn't. 

If you're really passionate. If you care. If you want make a difference, whether big or small. People aren't going to care about how you look. They're going to care about the message you have for them and whether that message is going to help them solve a problem and make their lives better. And most importantly...that they feel that you care for them, and that it comes from your heart. 

So in 2017 I hope you have the courage to get out of your own way and put your brilliance out into the world!

Kerry :) x