How to Use Time Lapse to Boost Your Business...{Brisbane Multimedia}

Brisbane Head Shot Photography
"Time crumbles things; everything grows old under the power of Time and is forgotten through the lapse of time." ~ Aristotle

Time Lapse is a photographic technique that shows a sequence of shots taken over timed intervals and then sped up to show a process of change. Time lapse can be applied to both still photos and video, and there are many different timing intervals applied depending on the subject of your time lapse and the objective.

You've probably seen many time lapses but may not of known what they were called.  Time lapses of amazing sunsets or a flower opening or star trails.  There are literally hundreds of situations where time lapse can be used with amazing effect. Take a look at this time lapse below of construction in Abu Dhabi.


So, why time lapse and how would you use it and apply it in business?

The main reason that you would use time lapse photography or video for your business, would be to show a process of what you do, or how you would produce or create something. Something which has a demonstrable start and finish.

You could show how a product comes together, or how it gets from one point to another. Or if you are in the service industry where there is interaction with your client, showing the physical process, gives insight into what you do and gives viewers an immediate understanding of the nature of what you do and/or the product or service you provide. And the great thing about time lapse, is that your audience gets to see all the detail without being long and boring!

In order for a time lapse to hold your attention, there needs to be movement. The environment must be a changing one.  Without movement, there will be little to hold your interest.

So if you are a business, here are some examples of how you could use time lapse to show case your business:

  • Client sessions - one-on-one interaction with your client, e.g. massage, make-up artist, hairdresser.
  • Retail services - interaction with customers, or showing the process of putting something together for your customer, e.g. a florist, a chocolatier
  • Attention to Detail - if you're a business that prides itself on beautiful packaging or highly personalised stationary or services, like Wedding Event Planning, then showing how you bring everything together can deepen your viewer's appreciation of the amount of work and love that you put into what you do.
  • Events & Workshops - if you hold events, workshops or seminars, time lapse is a great tool to show what happens over the course of a day or a window of time. It's a good idea to include any audience interaction or participation as a way of showing their experience of how your event or workshop makes them feel.

Sit down and think about what you do...the products or services you provide; the processes you use to get that product or service to the market; your interactions with customers or your employees.  

There is no end to the possibilities of how time lapse could be used to show case your business.

If you would like to know how time lapse photography or video can help boost your business, then reach out and get in touch.

So I'll leave you with a short video time lapse I threw together of a head shot photo session, as an example of how time lapse can be used.  Have a great week!


Kerry :) x