The World's Most Livable City...{Brisbane Multimedia}

Laneway, Melbourne City, VIC (and it's not Hosier Lane)

Laneway, Melbourne City, VIC (and it's not Hosier Lane)

"But the city makes up for its' hazards and its' deficiencies, by supplying it's citizens with massive doses of a supplementary vitamin ~ the sense of belonging to something  unique, cosmopolitan, mighty and unparalleled."

~ Author: E.B. White

So did you hear?

Melbourne was recently ranked the world's most livable city for the sixth consecutive year. Well that doesn't surprise me.  Though I don't actually live in Melbourne.  But I love to the visit!

Why?  It is so diverse with culture and it has this ability to feel like many different cities with every turn of a corner.  With every turn comes that sense of anticipation about what surprise is in store.  There is so much art, culture and many types of people from all walks of life and as different as each person, building, shop, street or cafe just all fits some how.

It's also a city where people just love to meet, mingle, sit and chat. So many interesting people and stories, and I managed to talk to quite a few people...tourists, business owners, workers, and they all have that sense of wonder and love of Melbourne.  There is also the downside though, which is Melbourne's homeless situation. But I admire the way that cafe businesses are banding together to promote their 'Pay it Forward' system, where customers can make a contribution on top of their meals to give the homeless a silent hand up.

So over the coming weeks, I'll be posting random pics of Melbourne.

But today I wanted to feature a little place my husband and I stumbled across in Little Collins Street, called Trattoria Emilia. At first when you see the entrance, you think it's a bakery that serves coffee, until you walk in and realise as the word Trattoria means, is a casual restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  But it has that cafe, cosmopolitan feel and serves amazing food and coffee!

So when you're in Melbourne, this is one place I would recommend ( by the way...their sourdough is damned fine).


Kerry :) xox