Tips for Great Head Shots...[Brisbane Head Shots]

"Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye."

~ H. Jackson-Browne Jr

I believe there are many factors that come together to make a great head shot. That's why I created the Authentic is the New Black head shots package. It's not just one thing that makes a great head shot. But if you were to ask me if I could choose one thing, I would tell you that it's all about revealing what lies in a person's heart.

A great shot, like all people photography,  is great when it encapsulates who a person is, in whatever role they choose to live out.

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I never approach a photo shoot in exactly the same way.  However, the way I bring out who a person really is, is pretty much the same.  Great shots is mostly about genuine communication and establishing a rapport with a person.  They (great shots) come from someone who is relaxed and comfortable being who they are in front of you. 

Most people are self-conscious, and having lights and cameras surrounding you is a little intimidating at first.  But you know, I'm always amazed at how quickly my clients relax and are transformed right before my eyes. 

When you create an atmosphere of trust and make the experience enjoyable...when you talk with people and listen, and take just a little time to find out who they really are, you get an insight into the hearts and minds of people.  

That my friends is my tip for great head shots that capture the essence of a person...the heart of a person.

Kerry x

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