Insanity & Brisbane Workshop: Making Your Own Video...[Brisbane Video Production]



"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results."

~ Albert Einstein

To really get yourself noticed..your product or service, you have to be doing something different.  And not just different, but extraordinarily different. If you don't have 'video' in your marketing mix, then you're going to be left behind - pure and simple. Especially if you want to grow beyond being a micro or 'small' business that 'just survives.' 

 And let's face it...we all want wildly successful businesses that are making change and are on purpose.

So if you've been doing the same thing over and over, and considering video, why not 'dip your toes in'? It's an investment that you can longer afford to put off. But I really want to help people in business overcome reluctance and to see how video can make a HUGE  difference to increasing and improving your quality leads.

On Saturday, December 10, I'll be hosting my first video workshop in Brisbane, called "How to Write a Well-Crafted Script & Make Your Own Compelling Video". 

The places are limited to only 6 places because, well...I want to make sure that you're getting more bang for you buck and you come out with something that you'll not only love but you can start using as part of your marketing arsenal. I want to spend time with you to really nut out your own unique take on your product and service and also how your story or stories can be woven into to script to make your videos more compelling, 'different', and most importantly, 'authentically you'.  

This is not just any video workshop, where you're given a generic script and you sit in front of a video with a video prompt and just read the words.  There's no heart in that.  And your hearts not in that. You're not going to capture the viewers' interest trying to be like everyone else. You must come from a place of authenticity, because that is how you build trust. is the spiel of what my workshop is all about. To find out a little more detail and to register your interest, please click on the button below, and I'll be in touch about what will be happening, how this workshop can help your marketing efforts and your small investment. And you get to see me give my own little video intro and how you could be doing it take a peek!

'Learn to write a Well-Crafted Script & MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEO that--Builds VIDEO-TRUST--creates DEEPER-CONNECTION and--gets you QUALIFIED LEADS + Discover why compelling video is vital to HIGHER-CUSTOMER-CONVERSION + Create your own PROFESSIONAL INTRO VIDEO for easy upload to your website, Facebook page and other social media platforms.'

I hope you can join us! It's going to a great way of starting 2017 with something fresh, different and something that resonates with your ideal customer, because it will have heart, and you'll begin attracting those people who really value what you do!

Talk to you soon...

Kerry :) x