The Secret to Building Trust in Your Business...[Brisbane Video Production]

Brisbane Video Production

"We don't need more stuff.
We need more humanity."

~ Seth Godin

There seems to be this perception that when you're in business, you should hide things from the world. You don't show your cards or you should avoid showing any vulnerability...that by being human and experiencing challenges, people will judge you. And if you are truly transparent that it will turn people away. That it will make you less of an expert in the eyes of your customers. Now I will stress this: you don't air your dirty laundry or drama that does nobody any good and just leaves you and your customers feeling bitter and confused. That's no way to do business or life.

But I've discovered an interesting thing...

When we share our trials and tribulations and the challenges we've faced, that relate to our business...our products or services...AND...we also share how we overcame and how that led us to where we are that helps and informs our customers, then we build trust with our customers and we emotionally connect with them.

All of a sudden our customers realise that 'someone gets them' - someone genuinely understands their problem and how to solve it. That someone actually cares.

Now when you add in a story of how to solve their problem, and how you can uniquely do it like no other in your industry, then that's a game changer. You've now elevated your status in their eyes. Not so much because your product or service is any better (though it could be), but because what you say and do, tells them that you hear understand them...and you can not only solve their problem, but leave them feeling that they matter.

So how can you share something of your story, a customer's story, or a story in your business where you've experienced challenge and overcome, so that your customer feels heard, understood and valued?

Have a great week!

Kerry :)