Narrative Transportation: What is it and Why It's Better than Selling Widgets?...[Brisbane Video Production]

"There's always room for a story that can transport people to another place."

- J.K. Rowling

Do you like going to the cinemas?  Most people I know would say yes.  There's just something so different from being in a cinema to watching a movie on your home TV screen.  It's that sense of total immersion. For me it's a time to escape. Escape my troubles...escape my adult responsibilties...escape the pressures of the real world.  For a short period of time, I can be transported to a world of possibility and a different reality, where  I am actually in that movie and experiencing all the feelings and emotions of the characters.


The exciting thing about that, is that we can create that in our own businesses and tap into the power of narrative.

And there's tons of research on how narrative in story is so powerful that it directly affects our own reality. When we are emotionally transported, we disengage from our current reality and experience the reality of what we're engaging in and it triggers neurological activity in the hippocampus and amygdala, which are the areas in our brain that are associated with memory and emotion. The coolest and most fascinating thing about this is that, the emotions we experience have the power to change our beliefs!

So I'm going to challenge you to think about what video is meant to be about and what it might be for your business.  Because we're all so hung up on marketing videos as being something we absolutely need to sell our products or services and talk about features and facts...our widgets,  when in fact people are no longer listening because it all sounds the same and we're drowning in a sea of more of the same.

And like the Johnnie Walker video above, think about how a story or 'narrative' in video can totally change how people can relate to your product or service.  Because as the video commercial shows, we remember the product or company (Johnnie Walker) not because it might taste better than another comparable product, but because the experience of it has transported us into a place, event or memory that we all have at some time shared...losing someone and remembered special times of connection with our loved ones.  

How much more powerful is the effect of this marketing piece because of narrative?

The most inspiring thing about narrative is that rather than TELLING PEOPLE what to do and what to buy, you HELP THEM ARRIVE AT THEIR OWN CONCLUSIONS.  And when our customers do that, they have ownership in the decision. They don't feel like they're being sold to.

Kerry :) x

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