Why Do You Do What You Do?...[Brisbane Video Marketing]

"Marketing is telling a story
about your value that resonates
enough with people that
they want to give you money."

~ Seth Godin

Do you know WHY you are in business?

If you don't know your WHY, when things get tough, when life tests you, you may just run out of steam to see it through. Your WHY gives you clarity of purpose.

Your WHY also is what will ultimately attract your 'ideal' customer - customers that value what you do because it resonates with them. Because people don't buy what you do...they ultimately buy WHY you do what you.  

Your WHY is what makes you different from other businesses that offer the same product or service.

So if you do nothing else today, sit down and ask yourself...WHY DID I BEGIN THIS? WHY DID I START THIS BUSINESS? 

Was it a dream you've had since you were a kid?

Did something happen in your life that ultimately changed the path you were on, that solved a problem for you... that made it better some how?

Did you see something that spoke to your heart, that brought you immense joy or satisfaction, and you just couldn't let go of that idea?

Did you meet someone who totally changed the way you see the world because of what they did or who they were?

Whatever your WHY, it's important to uncover it.  It's the beginning to uncovering your own story. And in the words of film maker, Patrick Moreau...

"Telling your own story about how your own business started or how your values came to be, is an incredibly powerful way to connect people to what you do."

And when you come to talk to me about how to craft a story to create compelling video that connects your business to your ideal customer, that is one of the first things I'll be asking you.

Kerry :) x