MARKETING is no longer about the stuff you make,
but the STORIES you tell.
— Seth Godin

Video  Production  Services  in  Brisbane  specialising  in  Storytelling

If you've found this page, then you're probably someone who looks at things differently to most.  Some one who thinks a little deeper and is introspective about life. You feel you can make a difference...however small or big.

Hi, my name is Kerry, and Truth Seeker Images Multimedia is my photography and video production business based in Brisbane. We provide bespoke multimedia services for small business and people who want to create more meaningful connection using the power of storytelling.

Creating compelling video that builds trust is what we do. We do this by using story to emotionally connect with your audience, to powerfully communicate your message and resonate with your ideal customer.

We are not just videographers, in that we don't just shoot video. We are video production strategists who incorporate a collaborative process of STRATEGY, STORY and VIDEO CREATION AND PRODUCTION to help you uncover what makes you and your business unique among your competitors and to make your audience 'feel something' that inspires them to take action.

We start with your VIDEO STRATEGY first, to get to know who you are and your business goals. We then ask why you want to use video, who your audience is and where your video is going to be seen. In answering these questions, you will  know WHAT video to create that's going to give you the results  you're looking for. 

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Are  you  wanting  Website  Rebranding?

Or  do  you  want consistent  Website  Branding  from the  get-go?

We offer a unique blend of multimedia marketing solutions to support video, such as head shots and custom stock photos to paint an in-depth picture of your what makes you and your business unique. Combining these services can help boost your brand professionalism, authenticity, and consistency across all your social media platforms.

Do  you  want  to  learn  how  to  make  Videos  for  your  business? 

We help teach you the skills that you need to make your own videos using either your mobile phone or camera. Through our One-on-One Video Training, either online, in-person or via workshops, we help you through the process from start to finish.

Come, let's have a conversation. I'd love to get to know you and to have the opportunity to create something impactful that reflects the essence of you and your business and sends a powerful message. 

Just click on the button below to schedule in your free Strategy Discovery Session. I can't wait to learn more about you and your business offerings.


START HERE to Grow Your Business with Video, with our Four Part DIY Series, incl. BONUS WORKSHEET

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Click above to start at Step 1. For Bonus Worksheet, see Step 4...Shooting, Editing & Uploading.

Click above to start at Step 1. For Bonus Worksheet, see Step 4...Shooting, Editing & Uploading.

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