MARKETING is no longer about the stuff you make,
but the STORIES you tell.
— Seth Godin

We help businesses get qualified leads using the power of story.


As a photography and video production business based in Brisbane, we create compelling video that builds video trust, connects emotionally with your audience, powerfully communicates your value to attract qualified leads, and customers who value what you do.

We are video production strategists, who incorporate a collaborative process of strategy, story AND video production to help you deliver more impact to your audience. 

Using our unique 'Deeper-Story, Deeper-Connection' process of story-discovery, we are able to help you uncover your purpose...your WHY. We focus on what makes you and your business unique among your competitors.

TSI Multimedia also offer a unique blend of multimedia marketing solutions to compliment video, such as head shots and custom stock photos. This will boost your brand professionalism and perception, and bring brand consistency across all your social media platforms.

'Building Your Brand through Story'  creates deeper connection with your ideal customer by tapping into their emotions, creating resonance with them, and inspiring them to action.


Client, Nicole Donaldson gives us a great testimonial after her head shots session at Soho studio in Fortitude Valley. Photos coming soon...

Find out how we help you create your own professional Head Shots here.

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Banner image by Matt Sclarandis